Santa Claus and The Night Before Christmas at The Watford Colosseum

Santa Claus and The Night Before Christmas at The Watford Colosseum

One of our favourite things to do this time of the year is to go to the theatre. The boys adore a panto or a show with real life actors. They adore the singing, the cheesy jokes and the shouting out loud. When we got an invite to the first show of Santa Clause and the Night Before Christmas at the Watford Colosseum, we jumped at the chance.

We arrived at the theatre an hour before the show started for some mince pies and crafts. The boys were really good and channelled their Christmas excitement into making a fairy, an elf and Santa. Josh the crafty one loved it and did a great job with his elf. Jack, 4, wasn’t so focussed and preferred to drink as much apple juice as possible and run around the bar area!

After crafting we heading down to the show to take our seats in the small theatre. This show runs until Christmas Eve (of course!) and you can get hold of tickets here. It’s a short play with a few central characters, Santa of course, one cheeky elf and one girly elf and a little girl who is starting to think that maybe Santa doesn’t exist.

The Show Begins

7-12-16-watford-colosseumIt ran for 45 minutes which is a perfect amount of time for my 3 boys. There was a perfect balance of fun stuff, like magic, a snowball fight and Santa getting stuck in the chimney.

Here are the favourite bits of the show from Dylan, Josh and Jack

  • Santa getting stuck in the chimney, of course, and the only way to get him out was throwing snowballs. The boys properly loved this bit!
  • Dylan got to go on stage to help with a magic trick. A snowflake was made and magic turned it into lots of snow fall. I was able to take a video of this, have a watch on my YouTube channel
  • The snow became real, snow was falling over everyone in the audience. Josh loved getting covered in snow!
  • The bit where the naughty elf fired water guns into the audience.
  • When I asked Jack he simply said Santa was the best thing about it.

This show is perfect if you think your little ones may struggle with a longer panto. At 45 minutes, it was a perfect length and not one moan from any of the three boys of being bored. At the end the boys got to meet Santa and get a small gift from the elves.


Here is the link for tickets.

I was not paid for this post but did receive the tickets to the show free of charge.


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