My Poundstretcher Shopping Haul – Christmas Presents for the Boys

My Poundstretcher Shopping Haul

I am a huge fan of the bargain retailers and I love to explore them to find the best value products in the store. Poundstretcher contacted me to see if we wanted to work together and I jumped at the chance. The brief was up to me so I decided on Christmas Presents for the boys. I was given a voucher for £50 to go shopping and to demonstrate what bargains are to found in the aisles.

I headed to Welwyn Garden City Poundstretcher on a Monday morning with Jack who is 4. Sometimes a good idea sometimes not so much, but I was able to bribe him with the promise of a toy. And I thought it might be a fun idea to write about Jacks highlight products and mine!

Jack’s Favourite Products

  • Very fluffy pink slippers (he is a huge fan of pink)
  • Incredible hulk car air freshener (Avengers win whatever the product!)
  • Mini tinsel penguins
  • Every toy in the entire toy aisle

Mrs Mummypenny’s Bargain Finds That I Thought About But Didn’t Buy

  • Bedding – I was impressed with the wide range of bedding. There was something for everyone. I was particularly impressed with the children’s single bed sets for £9.99
  • The Christmas crockery was beautiful. Matching bowls, plates, and cups at just £1 each. I loved these and was very tempted to buy a set for the boys.
  • The range and pricing of the Christmas decorations were impressive. There was so much to make your house beautiful for very low prices. My personal favourite was the golden 1980’s style lanterns that used to hang from my parents living room ceiling.
  • There was a fabulous beauty range including lots of branded products for a pound. I saw Nails Inc. and Revlon nail polish.

My Poundstretcher shopping haul - Christmas presents for the boys by Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny UK.

What Did I Spend My £50 Vouchers On?

A Poundstretcher haul, of course, required a YouTube unveil so here you go. Excuse the lack of makeup and very pink fluffy jumper, I am trying to turn the heating down at home to save some pennies;-)

  • An essential for the Christmas list are the fluffy warm onesies and there were some bargains to be had. I got 3 onesies for the boys, Spiderman for Jack,4, Star Wars for Josh,7 and skulls for Dylan,9. These were £7.99 and £8.99 for the Star Wars ones. This was a total cost of £24.97 compared to maybe £20 each in Next or John Lewis.
  • 9-12-16-poundstretcher-onsies
  • Games and Puzzles. These were mainly non-branded items but for a simple board game like connect 4 or frustration do you need the official game? I think not. These 2 games were £3.99 each. I also chose a 1000-piece Star Wars jigsaw puzzle. I really fancy spending a day over the Christmas holidays on a complex puzzle. Total spend £11.97. I say Connect4 along for £9.70 in Tesco earlier.
  • 9-12-16-poundstretcher-haul-games
  • There was a wide range of toys in the 2 for £15 or 2 for £20 offers. Jack set his heart on a transformer set (not official ones, but he’s 4 and doesn’t know the difference). I couldn’t bear to take it away so Jack got to keep these, as a late birthday pressie. I also secretly grabbed an army boat and soldier set. These were the 2 item for £15.
  • 9-12-16-poundstretcher-army-boat 9-12-16-poundstretcher-transformers

I am really impressed with my haul of 8 gifts, which came in at £51.94. Just £1.94 above my budget of £50. These gifts would be at least double the prices in other stores.

Why not give Poundstretcher a go and see what bargains you can find.

This post was written in collaboration with Poundstretcher.



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  1. Tis a good point but there are so many shops selling bargain products. Its great in these tough financial times that people can get products at a cheaper price.

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