Practical Remodeling and Interior Design Tips for Your Dream Home

Interior Design Tips for Your Dream Home

Moving into your new home is undeniably among the great joys of life. However, it may also be a moment of uncertainty, mainly when decorating is involved. So how do you transform your space into looking its finest while reflecting your preferred sense of style?

Essentially, if you do it well, you will end up with a comfy, happy abode; do it badly, and what you will have is a hodge-podge of fabrics, paint colours, and furniture that never gel into a gratifying whole.

However, with a little planning, attention to detail, and following a few practical tips, you will have a better shot at successfully transforming your home. For anyone looking to transform their home, here is a list of 3 useful tips from professional interior designers you can use. 

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1. Start by Determining Your Style

Precisely how do you want your home space to feel? Well, one trick you can use it to identify your style is taking a good look at your closet. What do you prefer? Tailored pieces or looser, more comfy items? Also, do you tend to gravitate towards particular patterns or colours?

Similarly, you can also determine your ideal style by thinking of the phrases that define the feel you want your space to have. Is it elegant, traditional, or formal? Is it humorous, inviting, and playful? Or even modern, monochromatic, streamlined?

Pay attention to various design inspirations in daily aspects of life. You can also think of a hotel where you stayed or a restaurant where you dined and which particularly fancied you. Maybe it was a clubby New York bar that was furnished with some worn leather seats or a Japan hotel with a minimal interior. 

Let these memories inspire your style. 

2. Build around Your Art: Use wall art to create a focal point for the rest of the space. 

Another critical factor is space planning as it influences scale. According to a remodelling article on Photowall, among the most basic interior design principles is that each room needs a distinct focal point, or that one design element that will immediately draw the eye into the rooms and offer a viewer a glimpse of what to expect. 

Undoubtedly, a fantastic wall art piece could easily play this role. Ideally, when you put some thought and effort into getting it right, the proper wall art can provide for the whole space.

Primarily, wall art plays a significant role in interior design. In fact, when properly utilised, wall hangings can offer an ideal framework around which you can effectively and ably plan the rest of the space. 

Just imagine your adored artwork hanging right atop your fireplace mantle in your living room or proudly standing just above the bed in your master bedroom.

On the other hand, an artistic gallery wall may still easily add some zing to a reasonably traditional dining area, or several hanging tapestries might add a somewhat tranquil feel to your seating area. Mostly, your interior design plan could significantly benefit from a well-thought-out wall art piece. 

When deciding the ideal piece of wall art to use a focal point for your room, size is the most crucial consideration. Choose an artwork that is typically too small, and the surrounding furniture will dwarf it.

Alternatively, if you choose one that is too big, it will appear as though it is spilling over.

Ensure that you take the measurements to determine the available wall space. This way, you will know precisely how much space is at your disposal. 

3. Sample the Paint Colours

Typically, paint selection is among the most critical and cost-efficient decisions you need to make when remodelling. Proper paint selection connects spaces harmoniously. 

You should sample real paint colours on your home walls when assessing options. Usually, the chips you find at paint stores are useful as a starting point, although what appears good on paper may not blend into your interior. 

With interior design, picking a colour palette might be among the most challenging aspects. The assortment of options available when it comes to different shades of paint colours can appear endless, making it challenging to narrow down on the ideal paint colour options that suit your plan.

Nonetheless, while the most common approach would be to check out the paint chips in your local paint store, the better option instead would be to look for wall art. Yes. After you identify a wall hanging or painting that you adore, you can utilize this piece as the inspiration for the ultimate colour palette of your space/room. 

The process is quite easy as all you need to start with is to choose two to three shades from the wall art you want to fit in your interior decor. Pick the dominant colour in addition to several additional shades you want to pull out as your ascents.

After ward, check out for these colours in various items you use in decorating your space. 

Fortunately, you can also find assistance from apps such as ColourSnap that allow you to match the colours that are correspondent with your shades of paint. 


Ultimately, remember that the process of decorating should be exciting and fun. By beginning your design process with a plan and adhering to these few steps, you will render the experience much less stressful. And hopefully, you will realise your ultimate objective: your dream home! 


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