Brand New Free Supermarket Price Comparison Tool in Latest Deals App

Free Supermarket Price Comparison Tool

My very clever friends Deepak Tailor, Tom Church and Tom Kelsey have come up with yet another brilliant feature to their Latest Deals armoury. Not only can you use the app to find the best deals around but you can also use their free supermarket price comparison tool. A brilliant feature to add to the Latest deals app since MySupermarket collapsed earlier this year.

You might already know Deepak, of Dragons Den fame, he was even offered the money! He set up Latest Free Stuff many years ago and then set up Latest Deals with Tom Church maybe three years ago. I am a regular poster of deals on that site, if you post enough deals you get paid in Amazon vouchers!

Tom is famous for being the best looking man on the internet, or rather when you typed it into Google, up pops Tom, he is the best at promotion and marketing (he is also good-looking!). And Tom Kelsey is a technical wizard, able to program and build the most complex of tools on their websites and apps. Oh and Deepak went to the same uni as me;-)

A Reaction to Rising Prices and Families who are Struggling Financially

The tool was made in response to rising prices at supermarkets and families struggling financially. Its is a free tool that compares the prices for essential supermarket products at Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Iceland.

The trio run an online money saving community with 1 million members called After receiving messages asking for help, they have worked day and night to create the tool.

The tool is available for free within the Latest Deals app on Apple iOS and Google Play.

I have had a play with the tool

Once you have downloaded the app, hit the search button and up pops the supermarket comparison tool, and you simply search for the item you want to compare prices on. It really is the most intuitive simple tool that gives you exactly the up to date information you are after.

I checked the prices of best of both bread. The app even includes a similar brand at a much cheaper price. Asda is the place to get your 50/50 bread at the moment.

I next checked out semi-skimmed milk, a 2 litre bottle. It was reassuring to see that milk was the same price in all of these supermarkets.

I then went for something a bit more random, that my boys love to eat for breakfast. Personally I can’t stand the stuff so it means no late night cereal raids for me! Kelloggs Krave cereal. Really interesting to see such a big price difference at Tesco at £1 higher than the other supermarkets. Download the app on Apple iOS and Google Play and have a play around with it. It is fascinating how much the super market prices vary by!

What does Tom Church, one of the co-Founders of Latest Deals have to say?

“We started to receive hundreds of messages asking for help. Supermarket prices are increasing, there are fewer discounts, and the lack of stock for home brands means people are forced to upgrade to more expensive products. The only supermarket price comparison tool was MySupermarket. But this shutdown last month.”

“Knowing where is cheapest to buy your essentials is critical and essential information at this time. People are rapidly descending into financial difficulty and we knew we had to do something.

However, some people have pointed out that this tool may encourage shopping at multiple supermarkets. Tom said,

“We have exclusively focused on the six big supermarkets that do online shopping and home delivery. We have not included Aldi, Lidl, Co-Op or other food stores yet for precisely this reason. Plus, to help supermarkets who are under strain, if their websites are down or have a queue system we’ll hide those results from members.” 

Download the App now!

This is a brilliant new and free Supermarket Price Comparison Tool, download it straight away on Apple iOS and Google Play to help you save more money in these worrying times.

This is collaborative post with Latest Deals.


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