Money Saving Dinner – Roasted Monkfish & Vegetables from Aldi

Money Saving Dinner mission

Hubby and I were trying to recall the last time we had a takeaway last night. It was many many weeks ago, maybe before the gall bladder operation? We are on the money saving dinner mission to save money and the food bill has always been a biggie. Not just a fortune being spent on groceries but also eating out and takeaways. I ma enjoying discovering new blogs and creating exciting recipes.

We do a big grocery shop in Aldi every 2 weeks. And I always try to pick up something that we don’t normally eat, this week it was monkfish, £3.99 for 2 bit of tail from Scotland. I am loving my fish at the moment as red meat isnt really agreeing with gallbladder-less body:-(

BBC Good Food Inspiration

I am a huge fan of the recipes on the BBC Good Food website and I found this one for our monkfish wrapped in bacon. We didn’t have bacon so I used proscuitto ham which we always have in the fridge. BBC Good Food is a fabulous place for recipes and you can see the chefs cooking them in real life at the BBC Good Food Live shows happening in November. I will be going to London Olympia and Birmingham NEC and have managed to get an exclusive 20% off discount code exclusive to Mrs Mummypenny readers. Just go the ticket site and add in the code MP20 and you’ll save loads on your ticket price.

Beautiful Vegetable Accompaniments

To accompany our monk fish I had a few things in the fridge that needed to used not thrown away;-) I roasted cherry tomatoes with a sprinkle of sugar, rapeseed oil and balsamic vinegar. Roasted for 30 minutes at 200. Brussel sprouts are really great value at the moment in Aldi, and the best way to cook these is again roasting them, a method learnt in a Las Vegas restaurant. Cut off the dirty bottom and any dirty leaves, cut in half. Sprinkle generously with sea salt and black pepper. Add a good slug of rapeseed oil and roast for 25 minutes, or 30 minutes for really crispy sprouts. Amazing. I added some roasted potato wedges as well.


Everything went into the over together at 200. I just removed the monkfish at 20 minutes. Everything else went in for 30 minutes.

Yummy plate of food goodness

And the result was a delicious and rather healthy plate of yummyness.


The ingredients cost around £3.50 per portion all from Aldi.


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