5 Frugal Things Post 6 – Mrs Mummypenny’s Frugal Week

5 Frugal Things Post 6

Its Friday and I am writing my 5 Frugal things on a Friday, hurrah, sat on a train returning home from London after lunch. I’ve been so good this week. I am properly proud of myself for no spending but yet having a very productive and social week.

  1. I have located the cheapest place to buy Fifa 17 for Dylan’s birthday and that is Tesco where it is £42. He hasn’t asked for much bless him. He would like some books and some stationery as well. I love that he understands the value of money and is not asking for the earth. We spend time talking about money and he really gets its value and what it costs to buy things.
  2. It’s a crazy toy sale week this week. With all the big supermarkets having offers on in store and online. Be sure to compare online prices though as often the deals can be found cheaper elsewhere. I had a nosy around the Sainsbury’s sale yesterday and got 3 Lego sets and 2 marvel characters for the boys for Christmas. These cost me £55 and should have cost £80.
  3. I have given in and have replaced the school jumpers that middle child has lost. At one-point last year we had 5 jumpers between 2 children. We now have 1. Today I bought 3 Tesco £4 plain navy jumpers, not the emblem school jumpers at a cost of £9.50 each.
  4. I met friends on Tuesday for lunch and Wednesday for dinner, both were at their houses. So all I spent was the petrol to get there and £3 on a few nibble bits from Co-op on route. No expensive trips into London for me this week. Lunch today was a treat and was paid for as I am helping a buddy with some work stuff.
  5. With all my huge savings this week I treated myself yesterday to getting my nails done. I love getting my nails 21-10-16-nails-5-frugal-things-rewarddone and I feel very much justified to have it done when I have been super frugal and spent little money on anything treat wise. I have gone for a beautiful green colour with rose gold sparkles on the ring fingers. My nails now match my emerald green Samsung edge phone!!

Next week is half term, hurrah, no school runs for a week. The boys are off to their grandparents for a few days whilst I spend lots of time meeting a rather important deadline. We have 3 days to fill after I hit my deadline. So we are planning on all sorts of frugal fun. I was thinking one day in London maybe visiting pudding lane as Josh is studying the great fire of London and maybe the roof gardens in the city as its free:-). Of course we have a family railcard to save on the train tickets;-)

I’m linking up with  CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.











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    1. Hey hon, the walkie talkie building in the city..near to the gherkin. So liverpool st area. I so love having my nails done:-)

  1. Oh well done you!! Half term going well so far..no children until tomorrow they are having a little holiday with inlaws in essex:-)

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