Monday Money #1 – Switching Bus Bank a/c & Braving the Wilderness

Welcome to Monday Money. Something new and exciting to share lots of money based content with fellow bloggers. This is a new link up brought to you by Faith from Much More With Less,  Emma from EmmaDrew.Info and me, Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny.

Monday Money gives you the opportunity to share any existing money related blog posts, or create new posts to link us. I am going to be creating a new post every week where I reflect back on my money making or money saving adventures from the previous week and week. I love to reflect back and understand where I made some sensible decisions, and can share tips on how you can save money too.

For the full rules and guidance please go to the bottom of this post.

My Week

Last week saw the boys go back to school. We had a great Easter holidays despite the cold weather and the rain. We seems to choose the best days to do outdoorsy stuff. So it was with regret when they went back to school but also was looking forward to getting back to normal with my working days and child free time.

I had an unexpected day in London on the hottest day of the year so far. I did some filming for a banking app, talking budgeting, money saving and money making. It was fun, very hot, but fun. I was done filming by 12:30 so I headed to king cross for some lunch.

The Sun Came out

Oh the joy of the sun coming out. We tidied the garden and set up the garden table and chairs for my outdoor office. The hammock was cleaned and set up. I love my hammock. It came from Aldi two years ago now, just wait for the camping special buy event and you will be able to get one. It costs £49.99 I think. If you look at my instastories you will see many a picture in my hammock.

The Aldi Baby & Toddler event

This super good value event was launched last week with tons of amazing value products. From baby wipes to baby shampoo, books to towels, car seats to baby carriers. I wrote about my favourite products and launched a very cool competition where you can win a bundle of Aldi baby and toddler goodies. There is plenty of time to enter the competition just click on this link to head to the post.

aldi baby and toddler

Starling Bank Business Account

I have been wanting to change my business bank account for a while now. I switch everything every year or whenever I can to get the best deal, but I was feeling a little trapped by my Barclays Business account. Thefee is £6.50 a month for my account and have to pay for cash and cheques to be paid in on top. Why is this not free? My personal bank account is free so why do I have to pay for my business bank account?

Starling have just launched a new business bank account that is free, yes free. And it does cool things like sends me a notification when money goes into my account. It analyses my spending into categories and will help me to feel more in control of my business spending. If I have any forgotten about payments going to my Barclays account they will be automatically transferred to my Starling account for a year afterwards, meaning I can check everything is changed over to my new account.

Finished my latest book

I am reading quite a few books at the moment. I have a real thirst for knowledge and understanding. My most recent purchase was Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown. Mostly I buy my books from Amazon. I know you can’t beat a traditional book shop..but the books are so much cheaper on Amazon. I said it, don’t hate me, but I want to read real books and save some money when buying them.

This book is amazing, the quest for true belonging and the courage to stand alone. It has really challenged my beliefs about humanity, society and life. About facing fear and issues with calmness, not an angry defensive wall. It has also helped me to understand about my needs to belong, and if I don’t belong my tendency to run away.

Cash Flow and affiliate marketing

I wrote a couple of posts this week about money and income on my blog. This fab post about how I manage my cash flow was the first one.   There has been some cash flow mistakes in the past but now feel I have got it sorted and under control. I have some patterns and know when good months are for income and know not to spend all my hard earned cash and to leave a safety fund!

I also shared a new focus for me being affiliate marketing. This is where you might click on a link on my blog, like the Brene Brown book link above and I get a small commission from the retailer for referring you, at no extra cost to you. I am trying a few experiments with different affiliate schemes to see what works and what doesn’t. I am embedding my learning’s from Emma Drew’s affiliate marketing course that I have recently finished. Results come quickly. I have made £300 this month in affiliate revenue. Read more about how I did it here.

Monday Monday Linky Details

Open to all bloggers, from all niches, we look forward to seeing what you have posted recently about money. We are really excited about inviting you to join in with this linky.

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The Rules

We are really excited that you want to join in, but we do have some rules for taking part in the Monday Money linky. 1. Your blog post must have been published within the past 365 days.

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