Monday Money – Pancakes and Paying for 2020 Holidays

Monday Money including Paying for 2020 Holidays

This past week has seen a few less media appearances compared to last week. But I did get the call from Talk Radio asking me to do my first personal finance slot on the early breakfast show!

The producer from the show spotted me on The Chase back in November. In my chatty intro bit, I was telling Bradley Walsh all about my personal finance website. ITV very kindly cut any mention of Mrs Mummypenny, but it was easy to track me down from the conversation.

I was asked to step in if the regular presenter couldn’t do the slot that day. Monday 9th December, today, saw me to my first slot. Tiny bit of prep finding five interesting personal finance stories from the previous day. I talked a second-hand gifting Christmas, putting kids Christmas money into pensions or ISAs, money being transferred to incorrect bank accounts, the self-employed mortgage issue and the rise of klarna, the new-ish buy now pay later credit system.

It was great to go on the show and talk about topical issues, but it was early, oh my gosh early. I was on air at 5:30am!

On to money saving activities from last week or exciting things!

Making pancakes

One of our favourite things to do at the weekend, normally when biggest son Dylan is away at football is to make pancakes. The boys love them and like to suggest different options for pancake fillings. The latest they have discovered is very decadent, and very lovely. Baby marshmallows and Nutella!!

We use the Nigella crepe recipe, here is the link. Very simple and always effective at making very amazing pancakes. The only problem is that they tend to eat them all before I get a chance to have one!

Christmas shopping with my Top Cash Back vouchers

I was able to transfer some more cash back earned into shopping vouchers last week, which have paid for two Christmas games on a Santa list. It feels like getting free money!!

This cash back was earned from lovely readers like you signing up to top cash back, so THANK YOU!!! Each time someone uses this link I get a bonus of anything from £5 to £20 depending on how the Top Cash Back fairies are feeling.

You can earn cash back on all your online purchases, check out my post from last week where I explain how I have made £3k in cash back over the past seven years. If you want some free money, then you need to sign up too!! Here is my refer-a-friend link.

Paying for 2020 Holidays – Antigua Retreat

Back in 2015 I set myself a goal, that one day I would like to go on a retreat holiday abroad. I had just completed the PR from heart course with Kat Byles and she runs retreats in Antigua, where she lives most of the time.

The PR from heart course was a game changer for me, back at a time where I didnt really know where I was going, this gave me direction, from my heart, not my head. It is a very affordable course that I highly recommend to creative women. Check out Kat’s website here.

In a moment of flushness with money and need of direction I booked in to go on this retreat a few months ago!! I cannot wait and now its even more real and within sight, especially after paying a chunk of money towards it last week. I am aiming to have the whole retreat paid off by the end of January along with my personal tax bill as well. Ouch January is going to be an expensive time.

Cold sore Nightmares [ad]

It is funny what opportunities come from being honest on social media! I suffer from horrendous cold sores and they always strike at the most annoying of times. Namely when I am stressed out or when my lips get a burst of hot sunshine. 2019 has been the worst for attacks, so far, I have had 4 episodes. Not great when you are trying to pose for holiday pictures.

I shared this on an Instagram post earlier in the year and have been contacted by a new solution to cure cold sores – HERPOtherm®. It a unique product that delivers a short burst of heat to the area to stop the cold sore as soon as the tingle starts.

As if by magic I agreed to try out the product and I only went and felt the tingles of a cold sore. Watch out for a collaborative post coming soon reviewing the product and if it was successful in curing my cold sore.

A great read from Laura Pearson

Many moons ago I worked in the digital team for EE, the mobile phone network. I was responsible for selling mobile phones on the website. This requiring a huge pooling of resources from different digital people including copy writers. Laura was the best copywriter out there. You always knew that if Laura was working on your project it would be signed off without any amendments.

We have both moved onto different things, Laura is now a fabulous author and her third book was published recently. I highly recommend her books, they are emotional, brilliant reads. You become entwined with the main characters. Her latest I wanted You To Know is particularly close to her heart as its about a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer, something that Laura has been through.

I highly recommend Laura as an author, here is the link to I wanted You to Know.

This post contains affiliate links where I may receive a small payment if you chose to sign up or buy. If you do thank you for helping to support my business and to continue writing incredible free content.


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