How I made £3000 from Cash Back using the website Topcashback

One of the very first money saving hacks I heard of was cash back. A friend at work told me how it worked, he described it as free money. He was trustworthy so I listened to how he did it. I signed up using his refer a friend code and he received some a thank you referral payment as a result.

If you want to sign up for an account whilst reading this post please do use my refer a friend link, I have linked to it a few times. I will receive some cash back as a result (between £7.50 and £20, the offer changes often!), I am hugely grateful to you for signing up using my code whilst you read my FREE content. At the time of sharing this post there is £5 reward for every new customer who signs up too.

How Cash Back works

You process all your online purchases via a cash back site like TopCashBack. And I mean any online transaction. Firstly, you need to open an account. Then you search for the website you were going to buy from. Click on the get get cash back button . You will be directed straight through to that said website and you purchase as normal. Your cashback will soon appear in your account. You can transfer it into your bank account as soon as it has been confirmed by Topcashback or convert it into gift vouchers for an extra bonus.

How I made £3000 from Cash Back

Seven years later after first opening my TopCashBack account I have earned back £3000 in cash back. Brilliant!!

Even better it is a way to double stack discounts. Have you spotted a deal where you are saving 20% on a website, maybe with a voucher code or maybe a black Friday offer? Find that website on TopCashBack, track the cashback and link through getting the cashback as well.

I wanted to illustrate some of the ways I have earned chunks of cashback to show you how possible it is to generate such an amount of savings. You can see how easily it all stacks up.

Switching Your Broadband

I switch my broadband every 12 to 18 months (contract dependant) to ensure I get the best new customer offer. In 2019 I switched to Virgin. The contract I wanted was £38 per month. This was quoted to me over the phone. Instead of buying on the phone I clicked through to Virgin through TopCashBack and found the same deal with a £120 cashback bonus.

In 2020 I have switched again from Virgin to EE, £24 a month for my contract. And also got £100 cash back. Double saving on the monthly cost and a bonus of £100 cashback.

Switching my Insurance

I always use TopCashBack to compare for my annual car and home insurance search. Looking back at March when I last switched, two lots of car insurance plus a home insurance cost £720. But then I got an additional savings of £80 cash back.

The comparison tool came up with great money saving options for my insurance with the  cash back on top was a bonus.

Booking holidays

I use Expedia and to book holidays. I have always found them to be great value for money, giving me the best price for holiday and flight deals. I used Expedia to book my Las Vegas holiday earlier in 2019. I paid for my friend and I so we both benefitted from the cash back bonus. The holiday value was £2,700 and I received £140 cash back soon after we returned from Las Vegas.

Airport Parking

I received £10 cash back this year booking airport parking for late summer holiday. The price was £70 whether I booked directly with SkyPark or via TopCashBack. Obviously, I booked clicking through to the booking site via TopCashBack.

Nike Purchases

Trainers, football boots and school shoes are a very regular purchase in our house. Normally these come from Nike and I always get cashback on my purchases. My last purchase was spending £75 on trainers and I received 4% just under £4 cash back bonus. Every little helps!

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Domino’s Pizza Delivery

This is the boys favourite treat food, so we occasionally order pizza delivery (of course using voucher codes to get 40% off the total order value!). Clicking through to Dominos via TopCashBack gets me an extra 1% in cash back. That’s a few pounds back every few months!

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Refer a friend offers

If you love receiving your free money via cash back then share it with your friends! This will make you money as well. The referral fees you receive vary from £5 up to £25. It changes all the time depending on the time of year and offer, but if you love getting cash back get your friends involved and use your personal refer a friend link.

All the links you spot in this post are refer a friend links. If you sign up via a link, THANK YOU, I get a payment of whatever offer is valid at that time. And win-win there are often offers where your friend signing up gets a freebie as well. Maybe an Amazon voucher for £5 or a pre-paid Mastercard for £5. Share the love.

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