Monday Money #92 Filming and Public Speaking

Well everything changed hugely since last week for everyone. Every day there seems to be new news on restrictions. What I can help with is short term financial concerns. I wrote this piece about some steps you can right now to save some money. The steps in here will have an immediate impact on your finance and also a positive impact for months to come. Read my guidance here.

I have faced the grocery shop and got in our supplies to last us for a few weeks. The shelves were very bare but I managed to get everything i needed just about, not the toilet roll. Had to get kitchen roll instead! And the impact on my budget is that I did spend more than normal. I know that I bought lots of extra freezer food and a few extra treats including a bottle of gin! I spent £120 when i normally spend around £70.

A Big Week for my boys and me

This week is a big week for the family. Thursday sees my ex husband move out of the family home. Its been a very long and painful ten months of him living here, since we separated. I am incredibly relieved and happy for it be finally happening, I am sure this event will have a huge positive impact on my boys and my mental health which has been struggling as the time had gone on and on.

The past few months have been a flurry of sorting out a new mortgage, life insurance, home insurance and many other legal changes. All has added to the stress of the situation at home, but I am nearly there. I am keeping the family home which felt right for consistency for the boys. I am not sure if this is the right decision for the long term, as it has meant a much bigger mortgage, but for the moment and for 2020 we are good.

Money and budgeting become even more important as from now on I am a single mum. Its me paying the bill and no one else. I have got this.

Life Insurance [ad]

One of the things to be sorted out as soon as the new mortgage was agreed was my life insurance as I knew that I now didn’t have enough cover to ensure that the house would be paid for in the event of my early death. I have used Lifesearch as a broker (they search through all the insurance firms to find the right deal) and we are well on the way to sorting out my new life insurance policy. You can read more about what life insurance is, and how much it costs in this article.

It really is something that we all need to think about sorting out for ourselves. Life insurance doesn’t cost too much money and to ensure our dependants are covered in the event of the worst happening is really important. If you simply know life insurance is something you need to sort out then head straight over to Lifesearch, who are the best at sorting out your family needs. (This is an affiliate link where I will receive a small referral fee, this in no way affect the price you pay)

Money Management Event

Last Friday I spent the day in London and went to probably the last public event I will attend for a while. I was on the panel at the Prosocial London networking event talking money management. Despite the Coronavirus the event was packed out, with every seat taken. My fellow panel expert was Jade Vanriel, a property and interiors blogger who bought her first house at 23 and it was hosted by the incredible Monikah Lee.

We talked about all sorted of personal finance issues with honesty and humour. We talked budgeting, managing debt, credit ratings, saving for your first home, mortgages, emergency savings, investments. It really was a brilliant event and I loved it so much. Well done to the Prosocial guys who organised a brilliant event.

If you are reading this and are thinking oooohhh can Lynn talk on my panel, please drop me a line on and we can talk discussion subjects and rates!

Filming and Public Speaking

PensionBee & Salesforce Filming

On Tuesday last week I spent the day filming in Knebworth. We started on location in the local cake shop and then relocated to my kitchen for an interview and a few shots of me working. It was brilliant fun, I love doing corporate filming projects. I have another one coming up this week too!

Filming and Public Speaking

Antigua is rescheduled

And finally sad news. My trip to Antigua has been postponed to later in the year. I knew from half way through last week that it was inevitable. I don’t think its going to cost me too much money if anything to postpone so I’m feeling okay, just very disappointed.




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