Monday Money #9 Smart Meters and Celeb Selfies

Monday Money #9 Smart Meters and Celeb Selfies

What an interesting week I have had. I have taken it as a much slower pace than the previous week. I have adopted fully my new strategy of have an essential to do list of just three things, ensuring that those things are achieved. And I achieved all of this with three days out of the office, to boot.

smart meters and celeb selfies

Houses of Parliament

Monday saw me head to the houses of parliament for the day. It was an event organised by the federation of small business which I am an active member of. We had the most interesting tour of the houses of parliament, which I really must dedicate a whole post to. I adored it, and I took notes! Our guide Elizabeth was the most incredible guide who knew everything.

Smart Meters and Celeb Selfies
We then had a meeting with 8 MP’s from the Cambs/Beds area. This was not so enjoyable. I felt like it was many people moaning about individual issues not thinking of the greater good. I sat at the back feeling very frustrated.
Lunch followed the MP’s meeting and I rushed off to meet Faith Archer and John from the Department of Work and Pensions to talk Pensions. And yes we sat for two hours and debated, discussed, debated pensions and related issues. It was great!!

This was a tremendous money saving day as the day at the Houses of Parliament cost just £20, for the tour meeting and lunch. Total bargain. The only extra cost was me getting the train, peak train unfortunatly, as the bus left from St.Neots not Knebworth! I highly recommend a tour of the houses of parliament. And I highly recommend joining the federation of small business. The legal advice alone has saved me hundreds!


Spa Day at Champneys Henlow

I live 25 minutes away from Henlow, Beds and my wonderful sales funnel coach Kerrie and I decided to have a planning/creative day at the spa. We were having a meeting last week I think and I was moaning about needing a spa day and she said, lets do it! A women with action is my kind of person.
It was booked for an incredible £49 each including use of spa from 9 to 6pm and breakfast and lunch. What a bargain! This £49 also included flip flops, bag and use of robe and towels (you normally have to pay an extra £5 for this at Bannatynes!).
I arrived at 9:30 and enjoyed a beautiful breakfast with lots of coffee, bagels, fruit juice and yoghurt. I ate as much as I could fit in. We spent the morning walking the grounds, lying on sun loungers, sitting in steam rooms and jacuzzis. I did a speed 15 minute swim, fast front crawl and breaststroke.

We did book a treatment each, I went for head in the clouds a beautiful head, neck and shoulder massage, my therpaist was called Beata, my maiden name is Beattie. I knew it would be a good massage. This cost an extra £49.
Lunch followed our treatments which was really really lovely. Lots of healthy options with plenty of nutritional information, you didnt have to go healthy of course. Then we spent a couple of hours being creative, planning and  strategising. It was amazing!
Slightly bad taste left by my pretty Buntu water bottle being stolen, I left it toilet by accident, and when I returned it was gone. The staff cannot find it.


Friday Brunch with Money to the Masses

Friday was another busy day in London.  I dashed to the train station to get the speedy 20 minute train at 9am and met Damien from Money to the Masses for brunch in Victoria. We ate at 10:30am, I suppose that is still classed as breakfast?!

Damien has been hugely supportive of my business and journey over the years. I deffo owed him breakfast! I think we met at an early UK Money Blogger event and decided each other was cynical and funny enough to befriend. Damien runs a very good financial website where you can get an honest unbiased view on a ton of financial products and services. I often refer to his site to investigate a product that I am interested in.
He also runs the 80/20 investor service, in which he has invested £50k of his money to prove its worth and results. Up 32% in 3 years, he is outperforming the market and many fund managers!


Friday with the Smart Meter Team

I dashed from Victoria over to Stratford to meet the Smart Energy GB team for their big smart meter tour launch. They have a big bus touring the country until the end of July, watch out for them near you.  In London there was Kirstie and Phil, who were so so funny. I know Phil as I did a Wickes job with him last year ;-). Also Olivia Lee and Susan Calman. They all spoke really well and made the crowd laugh a lot.
I am super passionate about smart meters and what they can do to enable you to understand your energy usage.  Our smart meter measures our energy use in real time. It has changed the way we live and has vastly reduced our energy bills.
Smart Meters and Celeb Selfies

Saturday Shopping in Stevenage Slushy & Superdrug

Jack and I popped into Stevenage on Saturday to collect some bras that I had ordered and paid for previously. I mentioned last week that my boobage has shrunk so I got myself three new bras, one light, one dark, one sports. Thank you Clare at the Fitting Room, Stevenage.
Whilst there we HAD to get a slushy from JJ’s fish and chip shop near the bra shop. £1.50 for a slushy and Jack is a happy boy. We also popped into Superdrug (my tiredness and stress levels mean cold sores keep appearing, Superdrug own brand patches work really well). This shop I swear is so much cheaper than Boots. I needed new misturiser so am Loreal moisturiser and got 2 pots for £15. My roots are coming through quicker than ever so I bought two root touch up boxes for £7. Pantene three-minute miracle conditioner (saviour for my coloured and straightened hair) was £1.96. I was very impressed with the bargains and special offers.
Parking at Aldi for 90 minutes is free so we parked there and popped in to get a nice bottle of Bombay Sapphire dupe gin (plus tonic) (£12.99 for bottle, bargain) and ice-creams for the boys. I also spotted the cushions that Emma D wanted for her office so bought them as she couldn’t get them nearer to her.
Thank you for reading, as ever this post contains affiliate links where I will receive a small payment if you decide to buy but it has no impact on the price you pay.

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