A therapy that Really Changed my life for the better.

A therapy that Really Changed my life for the better.

Life as a self-employed company owner is wonderful, I have finally achieved the dream I always had of loving my job every day and making a difference. I can choose where I want to work and when I work. Also, what I want to work on, if it’s doesn’t match my objectives and goals then I will say no.

Currently, and I am not complaining, I have a ton of work. The day to day content that I write is flowing, negotiation with clients, catching up on emails, social media posts, engaging with followers, doing my accounts, running online courses, the list goes on and on. I could easily fill 16 hours every day with the things I a) needs to do and b) could do with my blog. But on this particular day I needed a break so I met my friend Heather Hall for a coffee.

changed my life for the better

Coffee chats are the best

On this particular day, as with most days during the spring and summer months I was up early and managed to get five big things ticked off my to do list, including a chunky to do of getting a blog post live. School run frenzy ensued, after which I headed off to M&S café in London Colney to sit, talk and drink coffee.

I have known Heather for around five years, we worked together in the EE digital team. I was surprised and very happy for her when she announced she was leaving EE to set up a business as a hypnotherapist. At that point Mrs Mummypenny had been my hobby blog for a while and being pretty good at social media she picked my brains on how to build up her social audience. Then she left and went off to the world of self-employment.

We meet now every few months to talk about our own businesses, I help Heather with commercial ideas and saving money, and Heather helps me with guidance. She knows my inner most thoughts so know the right things to say and offer. She is an incredible person.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

We stayed in contact and around six months after she left I reached out and asked her to help me with weight loss and self-belief and confidence. I was in the middle of a crisis, I was in a job that was making me very unhappy, I had a dotted line boss who wasn’t my biggest fan and wasn’t treating me very well particularly in public. This destroyed my confidence. I remember those meetings well and recounted a story in this post about the last time I cried at work.

I had four cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Heather. My initial thought going into them was to work on weight loss. Which we absolutely did work on. But we also worked on confidence, self-esteem, leading a healthy balanced life with a focus on looking after yourself and your work life.

I have written about my hypnotherapy journey is these posts written at the time during 2015. The process began in May and was done by September.

I am open to Therapy

I have had many forms of therapy over the year, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, time with a psychologist and life coaching. They have all helped in different ways, I am a big advocate of talking therapies. But I can absolutely say that the hypnotherapy has had the biggest impact on my life. And has left me a different person more than two years later physically and mentally.

The weight went and stayed off

The weight loss happened (also aided by my wonderful friend Helena whom helped with nutrition related advice throughout the time) and by the summer of 2016 I was a comfortable size 12, sometimes a 10. This was a size that I always wanted to be, meaning I could walk into any shop and look good in anything, fit into anything. The excess fat stayed off. Even during darker times of cold and miserable winter months I didn’t put on (too) much excess fat.

The changes and connections made and mended in my sub-conscious mind continued to work. My food consumption was good, I ate less as a reaction to emotional events and I remained a size 10-12.

changed my life for the better

This is SUCH a big deal for me. I have written about my woes with weight in this recent post. But I have been yoyo-ing up and down with my weight since I was a teenager. I have joined weight watchers or slimming world at least 10 times. Each time losing the weight, then putting it all back on again and more. During dark times of my life, 2007 was a bad year, I remember weighing 16 stone.

By the time I was I was 40 weeks pregnant I weighed less than when I first got pregnant! 16 stone and a size 20 is not a healthy place to be.

Making a difference

Heather really has made such a difference to my healthy body and mind. I have always worried about the impact of weight on my body, both of parents died of heart attacks with 58 and 63. They were not particularly healthy, they were both over weight, smoked much of their lives and dad liked a few pints at the British Legion every Friday and Saturday night. I want to live way beyond my parents age and being the right weight and size will greatly help with that.

Thank you Heather😊

If you want to chat to Heather, please contact her at her website here. Or I can introduce you over Facebook messenger if you would like a personal introduction. She does in person treatments and also over skype.

Disclaimer – I do get a small referral fee if you decide to chose Heather as your hypnotherapist.


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  1. Hi
    I too have had RTT what a difference from other forms of counselling, not cheap but well worth it…mine was for low self worth and childhood and to help with panic attacks/anxiety..I would definitely urge anyone to try it (Rapid Transformational Therapy). I always thought nah that will never work but boy was I ever wrong!

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