Monday Money #73 New Aldi Skincare and Mushrooms

Another week with shorter days, how dark is it when we wake up in the morning? I find it very confusing and much prefer to wake up to bright daylight. I have been using my Phillips SAD lamp every morning whilst sat here working to brighten up my day. Possibly a placebo effect, but I really think that it works. 

It was a quiet week in terms of work and any trips out, meaning that very little money was spent, hurrah.

Black Boots

I did however need some smart black boots, that look good with jeans, trousers and skirts alike. Debenhams always has great offers at the mo, due to the risk every day that they might go bust! I got some really cute Miss KG ankle boots for £59.99 rather than £99.99. Saving £40.

Veg Box Delivery

I am in the mood for vegetable soup. My vegetable box was delivered this week giving me lots of different options on soup to create. It has carrots, butternut squash, onions, cabbage, beetroot, potatoes and salad. I am thinking roasted vegetable soup, and making a huge vat of it to freeze and make last for weeks and weeks.

Treat night Saturday -Dominos Delivery

We normally get our takeaway pizzas from Asda, where you can get your pizza made fresh for less than £4. But sometimes the boys just want a treat from Dominos. It is their favourite place to get a Saturday night takeaway from. And you can always find a voucher for Dominos! I go to Latestdeals website and use their pizza voucher software, you pop in your post code and it find all of the vouchers relevant for your local dominos! 40% off more than £40 spend seems to work well for the amount of food that we order.

Aldi Skincare and make-up

I received a wonderful gifted delivery this week, a hamper packed full of brand new Aldi skincare and beauty products. Aldi have decided to rebrand their makeup and skincare to more of a Lacura brand in its own right, rather than a copy of other well known brands.

New Aldi Skincare

I received their moisturiser, hot cloth cleanser and toner to try out. Along with make up brushes, eye shadow and mascara. I love, love, love make up so this was the loveliest gift to receive.

The skincare products have a distinct smell of eucalyptus, which I have to say first thing in the morning is very refreshing to put on your face. So far so good with giving it a try. Check out the products in store now.

The beauty of a country walk

Tuesdays are now go for a walk days with my wonderful friend Fran. Last week we did a 10k steps walk around Brocket Hall near Welwyn in Hertfordshire. It was very beautiful, and we managed to dodge the golf balls! I spotted so many mushrooms everywhere. And a load of squirrels collecting acorns. It was blissful in the sunshine.


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