Football’s Not Just For Boys – Get Your Daughter Into the Game

It’s a Girl’s Game Too Now!

I am a huge football fan and am always at games at the weekend with my boys. It makes me so happy to see girls playing at the grass roots level with the boys. And I also love to encourage girls football as well as the boys

More and more girls are getting into football thanks to the Women’s World Cup – so why not get your little girl interested in the game?

Football used to be known as a boy’s game, but it couldn’t be more different now. If your little girl is showing an interest in football, then why not cultivate that? Here’s how to get her more involved in the beautiful game – including where to find the best kids football classes near you.

Women’s football is in the limelight

Women’s football has never been more popular than it is right now. The incredible success of the Women’s World Cup showed that there is a large number of people who appreciate women’s football, and it’s inspired so many young girls to take up the game. Compare this to a few years ago, where the women’s game would rarely be shown on TV, and the difference is clear to see. If your daughter is beginning to show an interest in the beautiful game, then it’s time to help her develop that passion.

Take your daughter to a game

If your little girl is always watching women’s football on the TV, then why not take her to a game? Chances are, the men’s football team that you already follow will have a female equivalent. They are often held at smaller stadiums, and the calmer crowds and more friendly atmosphere make it a really welcoming environment for younger fans. Women’s football matches are often cheaper than the men’s games too, which is a nice bonus for your bank account. 

Football classes

If your daughter wants to learn how to play football herself, then it could be a great idea to enrol her in a weekly class. She will be able to learn with kids of a similar age in a fun, no-pressure environment. Kids are encouraged to hone their skills through fun, age-appropriate activities. Working alone and in groups, they will be able to discover the magic of football. SoccerDays offer some of the most popular football classes in London – so why not pop along?

The best coaches

Your children are in safe hands when you take them to a SoccerDays football class. All of the lessons are led by FA qualified coaches who have all the relevant certifications including, most crucially, full criminal checks. They have the experience and passion to bring out the very best in every child, encouraging them to thrive and develop their skills at a pace that is totally right for them.

Taught at indoor locations

You’ll be pleased to know that all SoccerDays classes are taught indoors, and you will be able to take your pick from a number of spacious, modern venues all over East London. Holding the lessons indoors means that the weather will never get in the way, so the classes will go ahead rain or shine. You also won’t have to pay for any fancy kit, as the indoor location allows for simple sportswear and trainers you can pick up on the high street.

Football has so much to offer

Whether you’re taking her along to her first football match or her first football class, there’s no better time to get your daughter interested in the game than now. Sport has so many benefits for children, and she will make incredible friends and memories along the way.


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