Monday Money #72 Muddy Walks and Birthdays

The days are getting shorter and it felt like it rained pretty much every day last week, let along Autumn it feels like Winter has arrived! The continual rain meant that football was called off again. Dylan was extremely disappointed.

I wore my winter jumper for the first time this week and have brought out the boots to wear with jeans rather than pumps. No socks and shoes is no longer comfortable!!

What did we do to save money last week?

Wrote about my Financial Planning Session

I published this post telling you all about financial planning. I had a wonderfully reassuring session with Drewberry talking through my current financial arrangements and what I have planned for the future. Will this be enough to see me through to the end of my life comfortably? Read more here, its fascinating reading and I encourage everyone to have a session like this!

Vouchers in restaurants.

I had two restaurant dinners last week, firstly at Prezzo with some girlfriends and then secondly at Pizza Express for Josh with his friends for his birthday. And I managed to find vouchers codes for both dinners. Using My vouchers codes we saved 25% at Prezzo on our food and got a buy one get one free on the mains for Pizza Express. Never pay full price for restaurants dinners, there will always be a voucher code available.

Trampoline Park Fun

We also had Josh’s 10th birthday party, a small affair with his close friends from school. We headed to Better Extreme trampoline park, a not for profit organisation and a really good park. After school its just £6.50 per child. And it was quiet! The boys loved it.

Here he is as a fresh new baby ten years ago!

Muddy Walks & Birthdays

Wednesday in London

I had a fun Wednesday in London. I met fellow blogger and friend Will Pointing from Great Deals Made Easy for a drink and catch up on blog progress and plans. And then met the wonderful Kara from Your Best Friends Guide to Cash for pre-event drinks. We then went onto Smiths in Smithfield for the annual Lansons big party. A night of constantly topped up drinks and chat with so many leaders from the finance world. Its one those big networking parties where you never know who you will end up talking to.

Country Walks are good for the soul, the body and the mind.

My buddy Fran popped over on Tuesday for a walk and we walked far! We did a clear 10k steps around the field of outer Knebworth. We are going to make it a regular thing, getting out into nature and just walking and talking about anything and everything. Very good for the SAD that continues to kick me every day.

Muddy Walks & Birthdays

Cinema visits galore

Friday was an inset day for Dylan so we took advantage of mummy and son time and went to the cinema. His choice of film, Gemini Man with Will Smith playing older and younger self. He loved it, me not so much! Then on Sunday I went to see Joker by myself. Gosh I love going to the cinema by myself, it feels so independent woman! Joker was dark and disturbing, but brilliant acted. I much preferred Joker to Gemini Man.

I saved loads of my tickets using my Kidspass. Dylan and I saved around £10 on our tickets along with popcorn and drinks deal using the Kidspass vouchers. You can sign up here to save on cinema, days out and restaurants.

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