Monday Money #47 – H&M savings and Huge Debt repayment

Welcome to my weekly update Monday Money. I love writing this post it helps me to reflect back on the week and think about where I saved money and also where I spent too much. The Easter holidays have started, this can be a very expensive time. The spending has already started.

H&M savings on a dress and children’s clothes

I was helping a friend to choose an outfit for her sons christening and noticed that H&M had given me a 25% voucher for my birthday. I am a sucker for H&M and its modern styles at great prices. I headed to my local H&M this weekend to see what I could find. Lots! I bought a dress for £35, with 25% off taking it down to £26.25. Its perfect for Las Vegas. I also got another dress for said christening, blouse and an amazing sparkly skirt ala 80s that cost £5 in the sale. 

And there was 20% off children’s clothes if you spent £40. Dylan needed a few bits, shorts, swimming shorts. Jack also needed shorts and joggers. I ended up buying 10 items and it cost £41. That is good shopping!

Easter competition

I am excited to share a huge competition that I am running along side come of the UK Money Blogger community. There are three M&S Easter hampers to be won, just click here to go to the post and enter via the button at the bottom of the post. There are tons of ways to enter by following my colleagues on social media. Easy!

Home Bargains

My last day without the children was Thursday and I headed into Stevenage to see of Barclays would be so kind to send me a years worth of bank statements on a closed business account. They are sending me an electronic copy, I was most impressed. Although not enough to switch away from Starling bank, whom I highly recommend.

I couldn’t resist a visit to Home Bargain whilst in Stevenage. I love this shop. But its very easy to wander the aisles picking up bits and pieces. I got a new candle, windmills for the garden, viakal cleaning spray, toothbrush heads (£4 rather than £15 for official oral b ones!). All sort of goodies. It one of my favourite shops for bargains.

Poundland Bargains

And I also noticed that Poundland had 90% off everything in store!! The store is moving location so had reduced everything down to just 10% of its original cost. It was mainly Christmas and Halloween goodies but I had a good rummage and spent a grand total of £1.10 on cute Christmas decorations, cards and some face paint. 

10p each!!!!!

Octopus Energy reduce their bills!

I got an email this week from Octopus telling me that they were reducing their charges and bills as a result of energy costs going down. Wow! How rare to get such a positive email from an energy company. Are you paying too much for your energy? Most people are. Take a look at what your energy might cost if you switched to Octopus. Plus if you decide to switch we both get a £50 credit to our bills. 

Easter Eggs

Big confession. I bought three Easter Eggs for the boys a few weeks ago from Aldi. But I couldn’t resist them sitting in the cupboard and ate them. There, I have admitted it. So this week I bought three new Easter Eggs, again from Aldi. They have big Cadbury’s eggs for £3.99 each. This matches the offers in the big supermarkets where you can get 2 large eggs for £8. With the individual pricing I saved money getting the eggs at Aldi as I needed three. I will not eat these eggs. 

Sunday morning at the cinema

And finally we discovered the childrens 10am cinema showings this weekend. We watched A Dogs Way Home a slightly older film, for £2.50 each. I loved the film, as did the boys. I cried most of the way through it. Highly recommended, especially for £2.50 each. Oh and I even took my own cup and saved 25p on my Starbucks. I could have taken my own, but no, Starbucks Blonde blend is much nicer!

And finally the debt is nearly gone

In the past couple of weeks I have paid off another 2.8k of debt. A huge debt repayment. This means my balance is now just £1.3k!! I have been battling with paying off this last chunk of debt. I have savings and these reduce down if I pay off my debt. Once the savings are gone they are gone. I had a few invoices clear in my bank account so decided to take a leap and pay off another big chunk. I shared what I had done on Instagram and saw my most popular post ever, 267 likes and counting.

Huge Debt repayment

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