Monday Money #43 Hypnotherapy for Binge Eating and Voucher Codes

Last week was a great week in so many ways. I am bouncing bundle of positive thoughts and actions today so want to share what I have been up to. Lots of money saving has happened, I have had some amazing feedback and attended a great event. 

Hypnotherapy Session

I had a refresher hypnotherapy session last week with Heather Hall (her treatment centre is in Hemel Hempstead, but she does offer skype treatment as well). She helped with my eating problems and weight in 2015, and helped me to lose three stone in weight (see below pics!). Recently I have felt like I was losing control of my eating again. I was binging on bad food, bags of sweets, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, ice-cream. Anything bad. And if I honestly tracked my food consumption I was eating far too many calories in one day. And we all know ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet’.

I was eating more than I was burning off in calories and it was turning into fat. It has been going on for a few months now. I tried to change after Christmas to flip back into my healthy eating and exercise mode but just couldn’t do it by myself. Last week I was triggered into asking for help.

It is Working!

I had a session with Heather on Wednesday and it immediately started working. Every day since I have eaten well, the right things and stuck to a calorie limit without any negative or destructive actions of thoughts. I have been tracking everything that I have eaten and its really working. Plus I have been positive about exercise with a session at the gym and a 4 mile run. Plus a timely mystery shop email asking me to review a local gym, including two months free membership and a decent payment.

I have not weighed myself, but have taken a picture of me in my underwear and also wearing a pair of fitted trousers that fitted me last summer that I want to get back into the gap to zip them up is several inches. I also have short term goal of a holiday in 5 weeks time and I want to be happy with how I look in the pictures!

After an entire life of yo-yo dieting, and being very overweight I have found a solution that keeps me in check. Hypnotherapy works! This follow up session cost was £95, fully paid for by me:-) Do check Heather out, she is amazing and treats for all forms of fears and addictions.

Interior Design for Spring with Voucher code savings

The blossom on the trees and the daffodils everywhere makes me want to refresh the house. I want to get rid of all the clutter and add some bursts of colour. I want organisation and things to be hidden away, not piles of toys on show to all. Of course with a money saving slant. I have been inspired by this guide from My Voucher Codes who have produced a guide with some very beautiful images of room by room with link to voucher codes to save money at each retailer.

There is a different image for each room with a very clever slider that your can switch between contemporary and traditional or children’s bedroom and teenager’s bedroom. And you click straight through to the voucher codes offers to see where you can save. There are lots of offers at the moment with stores like Argos,, Heals and John Lewis. Go check out the guide and be inspired to refresh your home interior like me. I am in love with the yellow chunky cushion in this picture, and think it will look perfect on my grey sofa. Off to buy now!

Easter Aldi Showcase

I will be writing a blog post later this week with all the details of this event. But I just have to say how good it was. I tasted a bit of every chocolate egg that Aldi is selling this Easter, along with some award winning hot cross buns (salted caramel mmmmm). There are some exciting secret products coming launching on 28th March and I had a sneaky peak and took lots of pictures. Watch out for the blog post coming later this week. Here is one picture just to satisfy your urge to know what they have coming.

The cost of March increases with 2 * Car Tax

We have two hybrid cars and my assumption was that eco friendly cars was tax exempt. Um no, the government has now decided that too many people are buying green cars so they changed the rules. We have to pay £130 per year for each car. As I mentioned last week its an expensive time with renewals for Insurance so I have opted to pay the car tax on a monthly basis rather than in one go. This means monthly payment of £11.38 and total charge of £126.50 over the year. Grrr. I am trying to be environmentally friendly with the cars we drive and the government still taxes us.

My post for International Women’s Day

I wrote a rather fab post for International Women’s Day last Friday with my top three pieces of advice that every woman should heed. The conversations on Twitter on Friday were so positive and empowering, it was a great day. And top it all so perfectly I was mentioned in Damien Fahy’s Money to the Masses podcast this week as one of three inspirational women in the finance world. Have a listen here, its a brilliant podcast that I always listen to when sat on the train. And to feature as an inspiration, to be honest, made me cry.

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