Celebrating Three Years of Working with Aldi on Mrs Mummypenny

I have never stuck at a job as long as I have with Mrs Mummypenny, my fourth baby. I am in my fourth year of running the blog on a full-time basis and it’s the best job I have ever had BY FAR.

Back in the first year of Mrs Mummypenny it was all about building up my content and trying to get brands to work with me. My first break was with Aldi, whom I still work with now on a regular basis now. I am so grateful to them for giving me that break that kicked off the start of a very successful business. 

How did I start working with Aldi?

I joined the Aldi Wine Club in 2015. It was a great way to get some free wine and write some mini Twitter reviews. I didn’t think anything would come of it, but it did! Aldi ran a competition for all wine club members, we were each to film a 1-minute video reviewing our favourite wine. The three winners got to appear in a professionally filmed tasting video that was to appear on the Aldi You Tube channel.

I won and was invited into a very cool Shoreditch filming studio to taste some wine with a very lovely wine expert – The Mistress of Wine and was filmed with my reaction. It was a super fun day and I got to learn a lot about wine as well as meeting the PR team from the agency. I told them all about my blog and they ensured I was added to the blogger lists.

Many events and promotions followed. These are my favourites.

Christmas in July

I have been to three of these events. They are huge press events where they showcase all the food, drink and goodies that they think will be big sellers for Christmas. It’s a great opportunity to try all the food and chat to the buyers who make all those big decisions. Its such a fun event that I look forward to every July.

The posts I write about the event are super popular, getting thousands of views. I always include plenty of pictures, a video tour and my pick of what products I think will be popular. Here is my post from the 2018 event

Just look at all the meat!!

School Uniform Advert

A definite highlight of my Mrs Mummypenny career was Josh and I starring in the Aldi school uniform advert. Here it is on YouTube. Josh was the adventurer, one of the main parts. He got to crawl through mud to show how durable the uniforms were! We left that filming with two boxes of school uniform, the boys (and a few friends) were sorted for school uniform that year.

Aldi Dupes

Another super popular Aldi post is about the Aldi dupes or copies in store. I have published my favourite top ten list a couple of times and they always prove very popular. Did you know that Aldi Jaffa cakes taste the same as the branded alternative? Or that Aldi Dish Washer tablets are just as good (if not better!) than Finish tablet and are less than half the price.

Aldi are very famous for taking a popular branded product and recreating it themselves, so it matched even with similar packaging. It’s a great concept. Also proving super popular are my posts on top ten favourite products!

Aldi Christmas Range 2017 - Here is a Special Preview

Comparing Aldi Serum to Rodial Serum

Like the Aldi dupes post I have done various pieces on the make up and skin care from Aldi. A post with a difference was comparing a £180 face serum from Rodial to the Aldi Serum for £7.99. This article made its way to Mail Online (I’ve still not read the comments, always nasty in the Mail).  I also wrote a version of the comparison for Mrs Mummypenny. Which do you think was best?

Using Aldi Skincare for 30 days – Vlog

My most popular YouTube video of all time is where I show the results of using the Aldi skincare for 30 days and what it does for my skin. Their skin care products really are very good for the price you pay. I often find cheaper moisturisers cause spots but not the Lacura day cream. 34k views at the time of writing this post!!! 

Creation of Dinners and Recipes Using Aldi Ingredients

I have made many dishes and written about it with Aldi ingredients. My Aldi Roast pork is a good one as its bargain roast dinner. I have shared my secret spaghetti bolognese and made Easter cake. I have made rice pudding and experimented with random toppings for hot cross buns. The boys love to get involved in the cooking posts, particularly tasting!

Aldi Roast Dinner – British Pork, Yorkshire Pudding, Roasties and Veg

Making cocktails

I have got to try lots of the wine and spirits over the three years too. Its so nice to get a bottle of booze in the post. I most recently tried a very nice Fairtrade red wine along with some gorgeous chocolates and coffee! In the past Aldi have sent me some cocktail recipes and I have had run making them, these alcoholic popsicles had to be a highlight.

Aldi Christmas Day Booze

Long may the relationship continue. I love the brand and admire what they stand for in terms of buying British and looking after their staff well. Here to another three years.

The posts and pictures that I link to are for paid collaborations with Aldi. Sometimes I receive gifted products, sometimes I receive vouchers. But this post is not sponsored, just a celebration:-)


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