Monday Money #26 A Great Savings Month

This week was a normal school week for us in Hertfordshire and a regular work week with my one usual day in London. On Wednesday I popped into central London for an interview on all things money, financial planning, apps I use. Lots of fun. I got to travel after 10am so saved a few pounds on the train journey using my Network rail card, but then spent those pennies on a coffee and the yummiest salted caramel cheesecake whilst waiting to do the interview in a nearby cafe!!

Sunday Morning runs continue

I have been really good carrying on with my Sunday morning runs, despite the colder weather, rain and the effects of SAD starting to kick in. Every Sunday morning I do at least a four mile run, I feel so great afterwards. So great that I am sat here today writing this blog post, and powering through my to do list. Running is the best freebie activity for fitness of body and mind.

We lasted it out until the clock change until heating was switched on

Its suddenly got really cold this week but we lasted officially until the clocks changing day until the heating was switched on. Our bills are around £70ish per month during the summer months and then go up to around £110 per month during the winter months, with our direct debit at £91 this is just right to ensure that it covers our overall spend throughout the year, I am going to try really hard using my smart meter to monitor spend this winter to see if we can use a little bit less energy.

Our energy provider is Octopus that provides us with great value for money and a renewable energy tariff. We have a four-bedroom semi detached house so if you read this thinking we are paying a great amount why not see if Octopus can save you money using this link? Signing up using this link will also reward you with a £50 credit towards your bill:-)

Money has gone into my savings goals – A Great Savings month

October has been a fabulous month for cash flow. Just as well after July, August and September! I had to use my overdraft to get through the September in particular and October income has meant that I have managed to repay the entire overdraft. This was costing around £12 per month so I am most grateful to have paid that back super quickly.

As well as repayment of the overdraft I have also been able to move some money aside to my goals pots in my Starling bank account. This moves money from my business account balance so I can’t spend it. I have put £400 into my Holiday fund, £200 into my Tax fund, £400 into my emergency fund and £500 extra into my credit card repayment fund. November should be a similar income month provided invoices are paid! I hope to do the same in November as well.

A lower spending Oct results in a lower credit card bill

I have mentioned before that I have been trying hard to spend less money in October. All of the food, petrol, entertainment goes onto the American Express card that is paid off in full each month. Now this bill is normally around £1000 each month, but has come in at £820 for October, woohoo to nearly £200 saved.

I use an AMEX card for the cash back benefits. I got 3% cashback in my first three months and then 1% cashback after that offer ended. The cash back is paid on my annual anniversary and I am already up to £200 cashback!! A great benefit provided you repay the card in full every month to avoid the interest charges. Get a £25 cash back bonus if you sign up using this link.

Pumpkin carving

We had lots of fun carving our pumpkins this weekend. We got three large pumpkins for £5 at Tescos. Josh did the most creative effort and spent at least two hours carving his, he went for four different designs on each side of the pumpkin. Very creative. Jack my youngest decided that pumpkin carving was too hard so I did his for him.

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