Five things you can do right now to make £135

I have been scouring through my website and the internet to find my favourite products and services that offer a fab sign-up bonus. And here are five way to make a nice chunk of money, £135!! That could be a lovely contribution towards Christmas!

Sign up to Top cash back get £5

I love Topcashback and have been a regular user for more than five years now. Whenever I buy anything online I go to Topcashback first and click through to the website via Topcashback, this triggers a cash back payment. That might be £60 cashback when switching broadband or £100 cashback when booking a holiday using Expedia.

Right now until the end of October if you sign up using my link you will get a £5 Debenhams voucher. £5 for signing up to something that is going to make you stacks of money as you use it regularly, sounds perfect doesn’t it. I have made more than £2000 in cashback since I started using it.

Here is the sign up link for Topcashback.

five things you can do right now to make £135

Sign up to curve and get £5

Curve is a super unique and convenient card management and money management tool. No longer do I need to carry around loads of cards in my wallet, they are combined onto the one card that can be used for all payments. I can then use the app to decide which account the transaction should hit, be that personal or business. Debit card or credit card.

You will receive a £5 bonus to your account for signing up to Curve. To read more information read my review post here or

Switch your energy over to Octopus and get £50 cashback £50

I am a big fan of Octopus energy having used them for the past year to supply my energy. They are great value for money I pay £91 per month for a four-bedroom semi-detached house with five people to give you an indication of value. They have amazing customer services across all methods of communication from telephone to twitter to email to Facebook messenger. There is a great value renewal energy tariff.

If you switch you energy over you will get a £50 credit off your first bill. Sounds great hey? Use this link to get a quote and if you are going to save money then switch away.

Thinking about combining you pensions into one place? Pensionbee gives you £50

Last year I combined my various workplace pensions into the one place, with Pensionbee. It feels so much better to know exactly where all my pension money is and how much its value is over time. I can also add to it whenever I chose with one off amounts or regular amounts.

I have written about the process here where me pensions mess was sorted out. If this is something you have been considering think about giving pensionbee a try. If you sign up you will get a £50 bonus to your pension pot using this link.

American Express Sign Up Offer of £25

I use my American Express card for all regular monthly transactions. All the food shopping, petrol, clothes and other bits for the boys, fun days out. This is paid off in full at the end of every month. And I get cashback on all transactions! There was an intro offer of 3% cashback in the first three months and then I get 1% on ongoing transactions after the intro offer has ended.

I have had the card for 6 months and my cash back total is already at just under £200, I spend around £1000 per month on this card. The cash back is paid out once a year at the point of annual anniversary, I am look forward to getting that bonus.

Sign up using this link and you will be reward with a £25 sign up offer, that will go straight into your cashback balance.

Enjoy these offers and spend your £135 on something lovely!

This post contains affiliate links where I will receive a payment if you chose to sign up. Thank you for you support with Mrs Mummypenny.


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