Introducing Tilbea Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion

I am excited to introduce to you Tilbea stylish breast-feeding fashion, a fabulous new brand from my wonderful friends Claire and Nicky.

Networking creates a business friendship

Three years ago, it was the early days of Mrs Mummypenny, I spent much of my time meeting people, networking, working hard to get my name out there. I attended a Lean-In networking group and met Clare Wacey and her sister Nicky. We immediately bonded, had a great time at the event and vowed to keep in touch.

Over the three years we have met up several times and collaborated on some exciting projects together. Clare is a stylist by trade. She styles not only clothes but also events. And Nicky is her business partner and the most talented photographer.

Our first collab was a fashion on a budget feature where I tried on lots of pieces from Primark. Claire went out shopping we did a fashion shoot with it.

We did a great piece on budget make-up together and another piece together in 2017 where Claire went through my wardrobe and we got rid of everything that didn’t suit my shape or style. We then went shopping and spent £120 on a fabulous capsule wardrobe in H&M.

Now Claire and Nicky have launched their own fashion brand. And I am very excited to pick out my favourite pieces. Both girls have had babies and struggled to find fashionable, styles pieces suitable for breast feeding. So, they designed their own range of clothing.

A quote from their website

‘We wanted to design a fashion led Maternity and Breastfeeding brand that allowed mums to keep their finger on the fashion pulse, with all the functionality and no fuss.  So, we set about creating the perfect breastfeeding dress that had personality, colour and easy access”

The Matilda Orange Dress

A dress named after Claire’s first baby, the Matilda Leopard Orange dress! I love this dress, I so wish it had been available when I was breastfeeding my boys! It can be dressed up or down as it is shown here with the denim jacket. Priced at £65.

Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion

The Peek A Boob Vest

An absolute essential when you are breast feeding is a vest. Meaning you can layer your usual clothes over it. This has a subtle peek a boob section for discreet and easy feeding. This vest is £25.

Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion


The Joy Black pleated dress

An all rounder perfect knee length black dress with cap sleeves. You can’t go wrong with a black dress, normally not an option when breastfeeding. The dress is £65.

Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion


The Frankie jumper Red and Pink

I know Claire loves a bright colour, and we both rock a red lip! This jumper is a natural highlight for me with the most beautiful colours. It has got a super clever zip up the side to enable easy feeding. Its an investment piece at £69 but it could be worn so often over the winter with jeans, dresses and skirts. Also available in black and yellow.

Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion


Audrey Claret Dress

And my final choice is another dress. This is a super smart and very flattering dress with the gathered waist. This is going to look amazing on all figures. It has three-quarter length sleeves and costs £70.

Stylish Breast-Feeding Fashion


I have included all the links to my five favourite pieces but there is so much more available on the website. Do go and have a browse on the website, follow them on Instagram and please share with you breast feeding or pregnant friends.

This IS NOT a paid post, I have written it as support to my friends and fellow small business owners Claire and Nicky for free😊.


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