Monday Money #19 – Exploding Car Windows and cheap contact lenses

Exploding Car Windows and cheap contact lenses

Woohoo to the first week back at school. Well so I thought. I was all prepared to be motivated and work away at a ton of things on the business. Alas that motivation disappeared and I struggled to get back into it. I had one day in London where I whizzed in and out, back home in time for the school pick up. I also had a day where I sat and binge watched Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime all day. Which you can watch for free by signing up to a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime here!

How do you get back into the flow? I would love to know what you readers do to get yourselves going and inspired? I have been good at eating, drinking water and exercise, just not so good at the business inspiration side of things.

exploding car window

Do the Unthinkable

I wrote a review about my Do The Unthinkable Meal box plan that I have bee trying out this week, you can read more here. Eating has been so easy this week with all my meals ready prepared and super tasty and healthy. DO the unthinkable is a new protein rich meal box plan tailored to your specific health needs, maybe you need to lose weight or maybe you need to tone up, it gives the exact food based on your goals, body weight, age and sex. But it wasn’t all good, I am always going to be honest in a review!

do the unthinable

Contact Lenses

Something that has been on my list to sort out for months now. I used to have a direct debit with Specsavers on a friends and family discount. It was costing my just £9 per month, a right bargain, but I knew it wouldn’t last forever as my friend had left the company! After my last eye test they put it up to £18 per month. This felt high, with a bit of online browsing I worked out this was far too high.

I stopped the direct debits as I had built up a few months of spare contact lenses…and then I ran out. After some investigation I found Vision Direct had a brand identical to my stigmatism special lenses and bought three months worth for £32! I handily also found a 10% off voucher for first time customers. My contact lenses were just over £10 a month rather than £18. Much better.

When they arrived there was a mini bag of Haribo in there. Nice Touch

Exploding Passenger Side Car Window

Yep this happened as it sounds! Hubby was driving along the A1 and the passenger side window literally exploded whilst he was driving. Josh, my middle son, was in the passenger seat and was covered in the glass. Actually no harm was done, car window glass just break into millions of little pieces, but it was a bit of a shock to the system and not something that has ever happened before, particularly not in a 6 month old car.

Hubby went straight to Toyota who were taking no responsibility and offered to fix it for £280. Huh?? I called the insurance company and we got a cheaper option, for the excess amount of £75 the window was fixed. We have no-claims protection on our policy so we went for it. £200 saved there in my eyes. Annoyingly £75 spent on something totally unexpected.

Tuesday in London

As I mentioned I popped into London for a blogger lunch with Epson on Tuesday. It was a very topical lunch and subject of discussion was the loneliness of being a free-lancer or blogger. We discussed lots of ways to combat that loneliness. It was great lunch where I got to catch up with some bloggers whom I already knew and met lots of new people. There was a talk from Vicky, the Honest Mum, whom gave her tips on what she does to deal with the loneliness. I will be writing a post later this week.

exploding car window

We also learnt all about the Epson Eco printers and their capacity to print so so much without needing ink cartridges every few weeks. I already own one of these fantastic printers and use it so much, for contracts, bank statements, pictures, printables for the children. And I never have to worry about printing costs. Yes these printers are more up front to buy, but you save in the long run without the need to buy printer cartridges all the time.


Saturday saw the boys and I visit the new Rock-Up climbing activity in Watford. There is a vlog coming on this very exciting place. Rock-Up is found right in the middle of Intu Shopping centre in Watford, opposite John Lewis and is a series of lots of climbing walls, I counted 17 of them!! It was something really different and unique to do and the older boys really loved it. And of course as it was a review visit, it didn’t cost us anything to get in apart from the £3 parking charge.

Rock Up Watford

Paper Chase

Whilst in Watford I spied a Paperchase. I adore this shop and cannot resist having a browse whenever I am near. The boys are the same, they love it. Josh needed some glue and yet another pencil sharpener for his school pencil case and Dylan wanted a rubber and a new pencil case. Indeed the boys are as obsessed with stationery as I am. I choose a purple pen. When I paid I was told that I had a £5 voucher to use on my next purchase. Hurrah. So I used it then and there and got myself a new weekly planner. Which will hopefully kick my week into action!

Mrs Mummypenny has a shop

A big development for the week is the launch of the Mrs Mummypenny shop. I now have a section on my site where you can shop for products made by me, so my book, my budget spreadsheet (a freebie!), my coaching and blogging course. You can also shop for products as featured in my blog and other products that I love, of course featuring stationery, jewellery and make-up!

This post may contain affiliate links.  This just means I will earn a small commission if you decide to buy the product but it will not affect the price you pay whatsoever. 



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