Monday Money #188 Cost of Living Crisis

In perfect timing with the hike in essential bills from April I have a week of big one off bills. My upfront element of car insurance with By Miles was paid, £160, plus my RAC breakdown recovery service for £35. And I paid £240 for my trees to cut back at the end of my garden. £435 spent just like that. Ouch.

What did you think of the Spring Statement last week? I was shocked and angry and was expecting much more from the government to help the millions of people struggling in the UK now and for months to come. I shared my thoughts in my article for The Mirror this week both in print and online.

3 Things You can do Right now to Save Money

I want to share and re-share all the information I can to give you ideas to save money. Hopefully a few of these ideas can help and you can make some savings to help towards your higher energy, food and fuel bills.


Millions of us are out of contract with our broadband and are paying much more then we should be. I pay £26 a month, are you paying more? Head on over to Top Cashback and search for a better deal PLUS grab yourself a cash back bonus. I just grabbed myself £105 switching from EE to Virgin.

SIM Only Mobile Deal

Whilst you are there on Top Cashback can you get a better deal on your mobile phone? Switch to a SIM only deal, keeping your old handset and save a lot of cash per month.

Energy Direct Debit

Are you in credit and has your direct debit gone up by more then the 54% price cap stated increase? If so call up your energy company and ask for your direct debit to reduced. I have had several accounts from my Facebook group members where their direct debits have been reduced!

It’s My Birthday

This week its my birthday so I have been celebrating with my boys. We had a day in London for lunch and a walk along the south bank. Little freebie tip, always share with the restaurant that its your birthday. I got an incredible free dessert, sticky toffee pudding.

New Article from Rebecca Megson Smith

Rebecca was back last week with another article, her take on what to say to new parents. I loved the comments over on Instagram too when I posed this question to my followers.

Thank you for reading as ever


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