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I bring you a sponsored guest post today from Tony Higham, the founder of

Introducing a new mortgage provider. is only for people who have had bad credit. If you do not have any bad credit such as a Default or CCJ or have never been in a DMP or are an ex-bankrupt – we cannot help you and you would be better with a more traditional mortgage broker. If, however you have had any of the above, we want to explain how we can help you.

What is

It is a 100% online mortgage application for people with bad credit. You take control of everything, and it will be you who will complete our online system. You will be presented with any options we think you are eligible for. If you are happy with any of the products you can then proceed with the full application form and upload your documents to your secure customer portal.

No phone calls, no zoom meetings, no appointments, you do everything online at a time to suit you.
However, it is still a fully advised service. We will check over everything, if we believe we have better options we will let you know. We will check everything before submitting your application to the lender so fear not, there will be no pointless credit checks, it is fully regulated advice and you will have a professional looking after your application, who you will have access to via your online portal.

How can we help?

You will know within four minutes if we may be able to help you. We ask you to complete some details online about your adverse, income, property value, mortgage amount and then we will display some initial products.
If you have one or two defaults and you know the details, you can have your answer in under four minutes! Take a look at our demo

Are you embarrassed about your adverse?

If you are embarrassed about your adverse, do not worry. You will have a very good idea if we can help without having to provide ANY personal information. We will give you the potential options without you having to provide your name, address or any contact details.

Here are some statistics for you to show you really are not alone with your adverse:
• 18% of CCJs were registered by people earning over £60k per year whereas 8% were registered to people earning below £10k.(1)
• The Average CCJ is £3,000. (1)
• There were over 78,000 IVAs registered in 2020 (2)
• It is estimated over 6 million adults have bad credit (12% of the population). (1)
• 59% of people are either concerned or very concerned about being declined(3), which leads on to…

Maybe you are worried about the outcome of a mortgage application?

Are you worried your application may be declined? Fear not. Our system is set up to filter our products you are not eligible for. If we have no products available, you will know upfront. In addition to that, one of our advisers will also check over everything before submitting your application to the lender. Our system is geared up to check criteria, but there are other reasons why your application could be declined – we will personally check those things before any credit checks are carried out.

Our aim is that you will never be worse off using our system than if you went to a broker. You really do have nothing to lose by giving us a try.


If you have bad credit, we are here to help you.
If you are embarrassed – you do not need to be, it is completely discreet until we are confident we can help. We help customers with bad credit, which is all we do.
Your application is checked by a fully qualified adviser that is experienced with bad credit and more importantly the bad credit lenders.
On top of that, our application system is open 24/7! How many mortgage brokers can offer that?

Compliance notes:
The overall cost comparison is 4.73%. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.

1) TML research
3) Research carried out by Pepper Money in winter 2021.

This is a collaborative post.


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