Monday Money #176 Spending diary – December starts – All THE BILLS

Wow what a week last week. Here is a summary of everything incredible that happened. A lot of a pinch me, I have the best job in the world week.

1) I started the week chatting to Nicky Campbell on BBC FiveLive for an hour about Christmas savings, debt, buy now pay later scourge of the earth.

2) I had this piece published in The Sun how to save £500 before Christmas. They called me a Money Guru. I’ll take that.

3) Back on BBC Five Live drive time on Thursday talking about the energy crisis. They shared my passionate message about how to save money on Twitter.

4) Was featured in this savings ideas post from The Big Issue

5) I have a 2 page article in Woman Dec magazine, talking about debt. what to do if you’re in debt. Check it out when you pop to supermarket/newsagent.

6) I had a wonderful day with my business partners PensionBee on Wed. Lunch, chats & working in their office. Plus I shared my latest podcast episode where I interviewed Romi Savova

7) Jade my new virtual assistant has done an incredible job with my social media this week. And kept up with ever changing media, content changes😆🎄😎 I’m lining up incredible writers for Mrs Mummypenny next year. Excited to share talent and insightful, inspiring new content with you.

9) The Appalachian challenge continues. I did my best treadmill 5km time 29:01. and my best road 5km time 30:45. 4 yoga sessions. Sponsor us Eve Keith Kathryn Knowles Melanie Adams here. All for Grief Encounter.

Its Not All Perfect – It never is right?

Of course all is not perfect in the Mrs Mummypenny world. I have big stuff happening with one of my children. Sad, traumatic times for everyone involved. One day I’ll write about it, like Adele has done.

My three month relationship ended. I was sad but also felt relief, relief to remove that extra drama from my life. He was a lovely man and I liked him A LOT, but it was far from perfect and as time goes on in a relationship you do find out more stuff that maybe isn’t on your green tick list. Plus things rumble on with a police issue (I am the victim), again I will write about it one day when I’m able to.

I am HUGELY grateful to all my friends who reached out and supported last week during the tougher moments. A dark moment, sat in Jacuzzi, crying, quite ironic, but I thought a good place to cry as the water would hide the tears. Fran called to check in. The total expert on the said mentioned family issues with her daytime job and life experience.

Spending Diary

Last week saw the first of the month happen, and all the bills of £1,597 were paid. The normal bills, mortgage, energy, water, car insurance, car tax, TV Licence. Dull. But of course all of which I pay the lowest possible amounts for the best service. My preferred bill partners are these. All of these are referral links where we BOTH get a prize, you for signing up, me for referring you. If you sign up THANK YOU for helping with the running of my small business.

Octopus Energy we both get £50 credit to our bills

By Miles Car Insurance we both get £50 credit to our bills

LifeSearch for Life Insurance/Income Protection Insurance You get £25/£50 cashback, I get the same.

Trussle for Mortgage Broker (Santander is my bank) We both get £150 Amazon vouchers

Food Spend

£205 spent on food last week, not too sure how I managed so much on groceries £122 but yet have nothing in my fridge. We, me and the boys ate out three times, lunch at the gym, noodles in Stevenage (found a lush bargain place, £17 for three of us!) and Dominos.

Treat/Fun Money

I had my nails done £25, I bought some treats in Hotel Chocolate whilst in London, £30 and bought a bejewelled headband from Miss Boutique shop in my village £70 spent in total.

Children Money

We got some 2nd hand computer games from CEX for £24, this was birthday money but I paid in lieu of train ticket spend the following week. Plus some money went into Go Henry allowances. £59 spent.

Other Spends

I found a cleaner, YES. I chose a local business based in my village, Magic Mops. They did a deep clean and it cost £67.50. WELL WORTH IT. I spent £38 on a trip to bowling on Sunday, 2 games for 3 people, this feels TOO expensive. A good way to save is to use your Clubcard vouchers, if you are better at planning than me. Or do a mystery shop with Proinsight who has Hollywood Bowl as a client!

I spent £50 getting my gutters cleaned out, first time in 8 years, whoops, thank you to Jim, another local business Lawnscience. (He does the gutter work in the winter before lawn beauty kicks off in March). And spent £38 on business expenses including travel and podcast hosting.

Total Spend

My total Spend for the week was £2,133. Remove the regular bill and that is £535. Not too bad for a week so close to Christmas!

Also..Im a finalist in the UK Money Bloggers SHOMO awards for 2021. Best social media influencer for my Twitter and Best Personal Finance Blog.


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