Monday Money #151 A Week of Self Care and All Clear from Hospital

I’ll start with a huge breath of relief this week after I had confirmation from my consultant that all is well. A few weeks ago, you may remember I had a little operation. They had a good look around and took a biopsy to test for anything sinister. And all results have come back clear. This investigation has been going on for a whole year so its good to finally get the all clear. I am hugely grateful to the NHS for all the amazing care they have given over the most challenging year for them.

This good news meant that I did lots of fun self care things last week, that were all super lovely, but of course cost money!

Self Care Spending

After a five month break I finally had my nails done, £25, the brightest of pink gel, and every time I look at them I feel happiness! I also booked myself in at Origins in John Lewis for a free facial. I was excited to see that they are allowed to do these again. Such a brilliant offer from Origins. There is no obligation to purchase anything, although I needed some new moisturiser so spent £49 on Origins Plant prescription. They also gave me lots of free samples.

My last purchase of self-care was a new lipstick from Bobbi Brown, £28, one of my favourite make up brands, and really not a bargain brand. I do love my bright lipsticks and this is another shade of red, you can never have enough red lipstick! My total spend on self care this week was £103.

My glowing face after FREE facial

Very Late Birthday Lunch & Other Food Spend

I’ll count this as self care, despite my birthday being more than a month ago! Fran and I headed to my local pub The Lytton Arms for lunch and prosecco and had a very lovely time. I do love this pub, it does amazing food, and has beautiful views over the Old Knebworth fields. Just look at those scotch eggs!!

Grocery spend this week was low at £68, including a £21 on a Mindful Chef food box. This week I got a £10 credit as a lovely reader took advantage of my refer a friend offer. If you want 25% off your first four Mindful Chef boxes just pop in my email address as your referral –

I also had a cheeky Deliveroo during the week which lasted two days worth of meals £23. And a coffee and panini lunch at Costa. Do you have the Costa app? A great way to build up points for free coffee and there is often offers like a 50p frappaccino as it was last week. Total spend on eating out was £72.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Finally my mobile phone bill has dropped down to just £45. This is now that my smart watch contract has been cancelled. £45 is for my SIM only contract and two contracts for my boys, one of which is never used so that needs to be cancelled when the contract ends later this year.

I need to make a decision about my phone. Its a three year old Samsung S9 Plus that I dropped and smashed. Not a huge smash, but it has affected the front facing camera. And after a days use the screen flickers. Do I get a new mobile phone contract and thus new S21 phone, costing around £40 a month, so £22 more than the SIM only that I pay for. Or do I pay £150 to get my S9 fixed???? Comment with your thoughts!

I also paid £24 for my EE broadband, £17 for my Life insurance policy, £10 for Netflix and £8 for Disney Plus. These are the only TV packages I pay for on top of TV license. £102 spent on bills.

Other Costs This week

Every two weeks my cleaner makes my house look perfect, I’ll never regret paying that £25! I filled the car with petrol, £42. I had some small business expenses of podcast hosting and my auto-savings made a mistake and transferred a big £85 over to my Plum savings. But it was okay I let it flow and it means I now have £1,050 stashed away in my Plum Auto-savings. All has happened with me doing nothing except download the app and link up my current account for the auto-savings transfers to happen.

Total Spend

My total spend for the week was £512. And spending it was lots of fun. Will this week be a lower spending week, I highly doubt it as I have the boys most of week, my nephew is visiting this weekend and I have London drinks on Thursday!

Hey ho, enjoy MUCH more freedom this week, and all the hugs and doing stuff that we haven’t been able to do for ages.


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  1. I heartily encourage you to go for the S21! I have the bottom of the range version of it as I wanted a smaller phone and a flat screen after having a larger curved screen for 2yrs. It costs me £10 more per month than my old phone did, but as I use it a lot for the kindle app and I have an Instagram page (nail art so I approve of the pink nails) and I found the camera much improved. I was using a Huawei before though so I can’t compare to the S9.

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