Monday Money #152 Enjoying post lockdown life

This week has been packed full of normal life fun and it been incredible. I have loved every moment and definitely have been enjoying post lockdown life. There was drinks inside an actual bar in London, there was a football tournament, cinema trip and a carvery. We are absolutely packing in what we can now that we are able to. When I added up my spending from last week it was actually less than expected so I guess that’s a good thing!

Saturday was a huge day for my eldest son who captained his Cambridge United team and played in an academy tournament with teams including West Ham, Norwich, Wolves and Stevenage. And they only went and won it. SUCH a dramatic final as well versus West Ham, ending up 1:1 and went to penalties. After some sudden death Cambridge’s strength prevailed and they won. The boys were ecstatic and so were us parents.

Save £7,500 in 6 months

I rewrote much of this popular post last week. Updated for new ways of saving and packed it full of my favourite brands and ways of saving so so much money. Well worth a read and there are bound to be tips included in there that you can take advantage of to save some money.

Listen to My Podcast – The Financial Tools that Every Woman Needs to Know About

Last weeks episode was a popular one with Becky and I talking through all the key financial tools that all women need to be aware on. Get them on that to do list if its something that you haven’t yet considered. We talk about things like emergency funds, wills, and protecting yourself against scary life events.

Back to the Spending Diary

Starting with Food – Groceries and Eating Out

Eating out and drinks were the biggest spend this week by far. Thursday night saw me meet up with my old team from EE, and these nights always mean lots of drinks. That bill came to £86. Yep. £86 spent each. That’s London drinking for you. It was so much fun, and we made it to the last train home, so no expensive Uber.

On Saturday after the football tournament we headed to Toby Carvery for the hugest roast dinners ever, spending just £22. I love that place. There was one Deliveroo delivery this week for £26, although it ended up being delivered twice so I had far too much Chinese food in my fridge this week. Add in a few coffees and snacks at the cinema on Sunday and total eating out spend for the week was an eye watering £166. Grocery spend was lower at £82, just as well after that eating out spend.

I must mention the Earth & Wheat offer I found. Earth & Wheat delivery bread goods that were otherwise going to waste. I received a huge box with 24 crumpets, 20 wraps, 8 pitta bread and 8 pancakes all for £5.99. That includes £1 discount from a friend who referred me. Its all gone in the freezer and will last for ages! I love the environmental benefits of this product and am singing it from the roof tops. If you want to try it with a £1 discount use my referral code.

Family Spends at the Cinema

Finally we got to return to the cinema for the first time since March 2020. We went to see Peter Rabbit 2 and spent £40 in the process. Going to the cinema is really not a cheap experience:-(. I even tried to save getting cheaper tickets from Kidspass, but the vouchers wouldn’t work for online booking. I can keep them for another cinema visit. The boys loved it, and the nachos, hotdogs and popcorn that go with a cinema trip!

Other Spends

Other spends for the week were minimal. I treated myself to some new perfume and a book from Amazon, spending £28. I paid £8 for a school trip for Dylan and spent £13 on business expenses, plus another £13 on flea and worming tablet for Trev cat.

Total Spend

Total spends for the week came to £367, okay its mostly food and definitely disposable stuff but it was fun. And I don’t regret spending any of it.

Preparing for Clean Eating

The time has come to give my body a break from bad food and drink, so I am going to spend a few weeks eating clean. I have written about it before, where I managed to lose 2 stone pretty quickly at the beginning of the last lockdown. The first couple of weeks are extreme but its worth it for cleansing benefits on my body. I NEED to give my body a break and drop some weight.

This will also save me money as I won’t be drinking alcohol, eating sugar or eating meat as well as cutting out dairy, gluten, acid and caffeine.

Thank you to PensionBee for Adopting a Bee for me!

To celebrate world bee day and on signing up 500k customers PensionBee adopted 500 bees for their customers. Including me!! I love it.

This post contains affiliate links where I receive a small fee for referring you to the company, this in no way affects the price you pay.


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