Make Savings to experience a bit of luxury in life

Make Savings to experience a bit of luxury in life

Life is for living, yes? We are placed here for a short period of time and life is here to be lived. I believe this applies to finances as well. It’s mighty important to have savings for a rainy day, long term savings for your retirement but its also important to experience life and enjoy experiences with your money now. My parents died when they were 58, 63. They saved their whole life and never did anything extravagant, and the died earlier than they should have. I dont want this to happen to me.

We love to experience some of life’s luxuries. A particular favourite is our trips to Vegas. We have been ten times and really love going! It is one of those holidays where you can experience ultimate luxury for a few special days. The hotels are relatively inexpensive for the most luxurious experience, huge rooms, dreamy beds, beautiful views. Of course they make the hotels cheaper so encourage you there to spend money on gambling!

What savings can you make to afford a little bit of the luxury life?

Oliver’s Travels have pulled together this rather fabulous infographic with a few ideas on savings you can make and what you could buy instead. I have picked out a few of my favourites which feel totally possible and could mean more luxuries for us in 2018.

Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

This is something I have never done and would absolutely love to do this. I am a huge fan of afternoon tea, the perfect sandwiches, with scones and delicate desserts. Yum, my idea of food heaven. If I was to not have three large domino’s pizzas then I could swop this for an afternoon tea. £54 saved on pizza to spend on afternoon tea!

A night at the Opera

I have done this one, many year ago. I went to see Madam Butterfly maybe 18 years ago in the Albert Hall. It was fabulous and I would love to go back again. But it definitely isn’t a cheap night out. £150 for a ticket to the opera. But how about missing out on 15 lots of Nando’s for a visit to the Opera.

Flying First Class

How can I have got to the age of 40 and not flown first class? This has to change and I have to do it at some point. Every time we fly to Las Vegas we always look at the upgrades prices and then decide its not worth it to pay an extra £200 each for an upgrade to business class, or the £500 each to upgrade to first class!! But if you about stopping and saving yourself £2,500. You could put that towards a first class flight!

Stay in a 5 star Hotel

We have stayed in a few over the years and used to (before children) book a nice park lane hotel for a Saturday night treat. How about not drinking 43 pints of beer and swopping the £150 saving for a night in a five star hotel.

What luxury would you love to experience? Let me know in the comments!



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