5 Frugal things post 54 – Sausage Rolls and Cross Stitch

5 Frugal things post 54 – Sausage Rolls and Cross Stitch

And breathe. The Christmas rush on the blog has ended. Times are quieter and more chilled. So I am taking advantage of that and focussing on family life Christmas which starts to ramp up next week with Christmas Carols on Monday and Nativity on Tuesday where Jack is a camel, which leads me onto my first frugal thing.

Borrow that nativity costume

I hate having a to buy a costume that gets worn once and when I heard Jack was a camel I inwardly groaned. Litrally 2 seconds later as we walked away from his classroom discussing the camel, my friend Niki overheard and said oh Lynn, you can borrow our camel outfit from last year. Result. £10 saved and big thank you to Niki for lending Jack the outfit.

In the past I have made costumes (not that well) to save money as well. I remember that shepherd costume fondly from Dylan’s nativity. Tea towel on the head, obviously.

Asking for money at Christmas

I have a list of pressies to get for the boys which is costing a small fortune. I am up to around £600 spent so far, and I am very nearly done. To help with this cost and the boys actually getting what was on their list their grand parents are sending me money so this cuts the £600 down to more like £450 which feels a lot better.

Making Sausage Rolls

On Wednesday night this week I went to a festive baking event with my friend Emma. Both of us love baking so it was right up our street. We spent three hours making the most delicious food, sausage rolls, mince pies and yule log. I have never made mince pies before so I might remake that recipe when the boys are on Christmas holidays and pop it on here.

The Sausage rolls were amazing and tasted so much better than the shop bought or bakery sausage rolls. So they are being remade today on Frugal Friday to be enjoyed for lunch. I’m not sure they will last much longer than lunchtime!

5 frugal things post 54

Leftover bolognese turns into cottage pie.

I always make a ton of bolognese meat when I do spaghetti bolognese and then freeze the leftovers. This week I cooked up a huge cottage pie after defrosting the leftovers and amde a huge pot of mashed pototoes to cover it up. The boys declared it one of the favourite dinners!

Starting up the Cross Stitch Sampler again

Five years ago when Jack was born I bought a cross stitch birth sampler. I started it and spent a few hours creating part of Eyeore’s head, and then I stopped. The boys have been doing cross stitch at school so came home talking about it so I thought I would have another go at the five year old birthday sample and finish the picture to celebrate Jacks birth and weight! This is what happens with your third child! Its a great way to spend an evening, promoting mindfulness and no spending.


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  1. The sausage rolls do look fantastic, although I have to confess that I’ve never made them myself or even had any homemade ones. It always feels like a major win when you can prepare two dinners at once like you did as well 🙂

  2. I prefer to use cocktail sausages which I have pre-cooked for my home made sausage rolls. Not very keen on sausagemeat. (I do realise that sausages contain sausagemeat, but you know what I mean!

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