Learning to Drive, Aged 10 with Young driver

Learning to Drive, Aged 10 with Young driver

We have just made it through three big birthdays only to get to Christmas with more pressies to be sourced and ideas thought of. I did not time my babies well! Dylan’s birthday was in the middle at the beginning of November and he turned 10. And 10 is the age so it turns out, that children can drive their own car with  Young Driver!

Yes, an actual real-life car! When I told him, he couldn’t quite believe it. He thought he might be driving some kind of mini modified car but no a real life Vauxhall Corsa was in his hands for 30 minutes!

Bicester Track

We headed off to a race track in Bicester for our driving lesson, and actually got to go on Dylan’s birthday weekend. A bitterly cold day with biting wind that made it ever so pleasant standing watching at the airfield! It was in the same location as glider lessons as well so we got to watch them taking off with their winch and landing!

We arrive 10 minutes early and registered arrival. We were given a driving record for Dylan to take to his lesson with the instructor to follow and sign off what he had achieved in his lesson. Dylan was due to go on a lesson with John. John was lovely, a great instructor, turns out one of the best and highly qualified in the country. A great instructor for Dylan.
admiral young driver

Dylan went off to his lesson by himself which did feel a bit strange letting your 10-year-old go off to sit in a car for 30 minutes to drive it! He was taught the basics as to what everything does in the car, gears to accelerator, break and clutch. Hand break etc. And then he was off!!

And then he started to drive

Literally after being in the car for maybe 10 minutes he started driving. He made his way around the course learning to turn and manoeuvre, he learnt an emergency stop. He learnt how to negotiate a roundabout. The instructor directed him through a coned area where he had to drive around tight corners to avoid the cones.

Whilst Dylan was out on the course I had a tour of the track and was shown all the areas Dylan would have driven around. It’s a great course with lots of options of different things to learn for the children.

Lesson is over

After 30 minutes Dylan’s lesson was over and he was escorted to reception. John the driving instructor was very impressed with Dylan’s driving. Apparently a natural who showed no fear and had lots of confidence whilst driving. He even got up to third gear and managed a top speed of 26 miles per hour! All at the age of 10. Most impressive.

I filmed a little video here of Dylan nearing the end of his lesson so he’s got a good bit of speed!

He was signed off for his first lesson and we offered the opportunity to come back again. There is a series of 6 lessons your child can do to prepare them well for real life driving.

This was such a fun activity to do with Dylan, who said it was one of the most exciting things he had ever done in his life. And he is keen to return for more.

It’s a great gift idea for children aged 10 to 17. The lessons cost £34.95 each and there are various locations throughout the country. Check out the website for a venue near you. Gift vouchers can also be purchased.

Disclosure – We received this driving lesson for Dylan free of charge.


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  1. Unfortunately, it has always been difficult for me to learn to drive. I didn’t do well in active sports, but I did well in school. It helped me become an academic writer and enjoy my work.

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