How to Make Money from Blogging

How to Make Money From Blogging

The ultimate question I am asked rather often is how to make money from blogging? This blogging game its so new and mis-understood, the general public just don’t get how it can be a job generating a good income. Emma and I have included lots about the commercials/financial side of blogging in our book. We wanted to make it transparent for bloggers new and established, how you can earn, and give you ideas to think about for earnings that may not have crossed your mind.

How to Make Money from Blogging

To give you a taster here is a section from Chapter 11, specifically on sponsored posts. This is certainly a significant % of my earnings on Mrs Mummypenny and also Emma’s earnings on her sites. In the same chapter we also share info on affiliate earning, ghost writing, public speaking, media appearances/writing and selling a product. Something for everyone here to think about revenue streams from your site.

Sponsored posts

A sponsored post is a blog post where you write about a chosen subject and drop in the name of a brand. Sometimes it might be obvious and sometimes it might be quite subtle. Our favourite sponsored posts are the ones where the blogger is open and obvious about the brand but is sharing something with you that is so relevant to their own blog brand.

Sponsored posts can be lucrative, but are very rare in the early days when you are lacking in content and social numbers. In the early days we suggest applying for opportunities shared in the Facebook groups or networks suggested in chapter 7, to help you gain confidence.

The fee for sponsored posts will vary hugely from one brand to the next. We have been offered anything from £100 to £500 for collaborations. The standard rate we charge has grown over time.

A sponsored post can be about anything from a product to a service to a new website. We urge you to only take sponsored posts for brands that are relevant to your niche and that you can write about with authenticity and passion. Lynn’s niche is personal finance and getting the most value for your hard-earned pounds. It would be wrong for her to write about pay day loans which are possibly the worst value products out there that take advantage of people in desperate financial situations. Readers would lose their faith in her. Pick and choose your brands wisely.

Be Upfront

Be upfront with the brand/PR agency about what your fee will include. Will it include a do follow or no follow link? How much social media promotion will be included? Are there certain words they want included in the title, what key word would they like you to use? Agree timelines and check if they would like to review a draft before it is published.

The fee you might charge depends on a few things, take the following into consideration:

  • Research the brand. Are they a big brand with deep pockets for their marketing budget? Is it a big new proposition or product launch? If yes, go higher
  • Are you dealing direct with a brand or via a PR agency? Go higher if dealing direct with a brand.
  • Is the product you are promoting high value? If the client makes a £200 profit from each new customer you send, they can afford to pay you a higher fee
  • Have they sent you an individual/unique email specific to you and your blog. I.e. composed rather than copied and pasted? If so they are interested in you and your blog so go higher
  • How did they find you, was it a recommendation? If it was a recommendation by another blogger find out what the other blogger was paid.
  • Send them a media pack including all key statistics.

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