How to Save Money on Your Gas and Electricity Bills

Why you should check your energy bills to ensure you have the best deal

When I get asked what my top tips are for money saving one of the first things I always say is to check your energy bills and save money on your gas and electricity bills. Ensure you are on the best tariff and deal. It can often result in savings of £50 per month or £600 per year. We can ALL do with an extra £600 in our pocket each year so keep reading on how to save money on your gas and electricity bills.

How to Save Money on Your Gas and Electricity Bills

How long have you been with your current Gas & Electricity Provider?

If it’s more than 1 year you are most likely paying more than you should be. If its many years I can pretty much guarantee that you are paying too much. You will have ended up on the standard rate charges from your energy provider which are never as good as fixed deals.

Its SOOOOOO Easy to Switch

All you need is your last gas and electricity bill. The simplest thing to do is to call the company and ask them for your gas and electricity usage for the past year. The bill might just be 3 months’ worth and you need a whole year of usage to cover summer and winter.

Now you need to go to simple comparison website like Uswitch. There are a few details to add in like your address, your current provider, the plan you are on, and your current usage. You can also add in what you pay but the usage is far more accurate.

Uswitch will then give you a list of all the deals available to you and will tell you how much you could save. When you see how much you can save just click on choose plan. You will be whizzed through to your chosen provider who will take details and start to proceed with the switch.

How much have I saved?

I tend to take 12 month fixed deals and switch every year if once they come to an end they are not competitive. In the past 3 years, I have switched from Npower to SSE and now to Affect Energy. Each switch has saved me money. My last switch was moving from a big company to a small new energy player. My bills went from £90 per month to £66.

The average 3-bedroom house energy bills are £1300 per month, if you are paying more then that’s a good indication you should switch.

Still too many people think loyalty pays and their existing energy provider offers them the best deal…THEY DON’T. Get onto Uswitch now and check that you are getting the best deal.

I love hearing how much you have saved, please do leave me a comment, or drop me a message on Twitter to let me know how much you have saved.


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