My letter of complaint to terrible customer service/experience from Npower and CEO Paul Massara

Dear Paul

I’ve now spent around 1.5 hrs on the phone to 2 of your staff members complaining about bills, charges and general bad customer experience from your company.

My name is Lynn James,Address details

I was told I’m ‘not allowed’ to email you. Really, as a customer whom pays you around £1200 each year I’m not allowed to contact you directly with a complaint.

Anyways…in shortened bullet point form

– I have been a customer for around 2 years.
– My first bill was received after I had been with you more than 1 year.
– And I was told I had underpaid, and I owed you around £600. Maybe you could have informed me earlier?
– I phoned to complain and in May, person spent 1 hour on phone trying to explain the various bills I had received. Like translating shakespear.
– She then went on to tell me that she could save me money and then the phone went dead. no call back.
– I have now switched to First Utility through Uswitch and Topcashback..oh and BTW I have saved around £50 per month compared to your bill, based on the usage from your bills.
– Still Im getting bills from yourself, this time telling me you owe me £1000!!!!!!
– I’m no longer a customer of Npower and NEVER will be again, and I’m going to post this email on the internet for all to see the terrible treatment you given me.
– Npower does not believe in customer experience.
– Friends/Family and others reading this email do not go to Npower, unless you want to pay too much for electricity and gas and be treated badly.

I wonder if I will get as response to this complaint. Sent at 9am 12th July the clock is ticking.
Kind Regards

Lynn James



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2 Responses

  1. I experienced the same problem sitting on phones talking to customer care agents but my complaint was for Scottish power and the over charging me for power.
    In the shape of speculated bill how can i rationalise this guessing my electricity consumption.
    N power took over my fuel services recently and i have had a slightly better service provision.

    1. Good luck with npower, I hope they do better for you then me. But if not go to the top and complain!

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