Colonic therapy Hertfordshire. How it works and how it makes you feel

Colonic Therapy Hertfordshire

The past few weeks have been an emotional challenge, as my mind goes through its annual shift during the Spring it has many effects on my body and mind. I have been feeling anxious, I have been seeking balance and trying to minimise any negativity in my life. Of course, it doesn’t always work, and your body will give you signs that you are not coping.

My digestion falls apart when I am feeling emotional, stressed or overwhelmed. And when I say falls apart it stops working and I get constipated. I can go for a week without going for a number two. This is no good. This is toxins extracted from my food that needs to leave my body not fester in my colon.

It was time for a colonic therapy flush through to clean out my colon. To remove any toxins that have been caught up lingering for months. Reena at Herts Colonics and runs a clinic in Welwyn Garden City. I had my first colonic last year with her recommended by my nutritionist Helena Bingham.

colonic therapy hertfordshire

What happens when you get to the clinic?

Reena is an amazing person, warm and friendly and puts you at ease the minute you walk through the door. Most important as what you are about to do is a very personal thing and you will be feeling vulnerable.

We had a quick chat about health concerns, and I got changed into a robe and went for a quick wee. I laid on a bed on my side and a small tube is put into my bum (using lube!). I then switch to lying my back and the hydrotherapy begin. Warm water flows into me whilst Reena messages my stomach and colon area. The waste is flows out and you can see it via a mirror and a see-through tube. Reena needs to see this, so she can assess what is being removed, how old it is and where it has been released from.

It feels slightly uncomfortable but certainly not painful. It can be uncomfortable as big pieces of toxic waste are removed, they may have been in your body for months. I know right, scary, and so horrid. That toxic matter sitting in your body for months. This time after around 20 minutes a large amount of black came out. Rotten old food that had festering in my body.

Whilst Reena is massaging my stomach area we talk, about family, business, relationships, ying and yang, law of attraction, anxiety and much more. It’s a bit of a counselling session at the same time as the colonic therapy.

Here is the description of colon hydrotherapy, taken from the Herts Hydrotherapy website.

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective way of removing accumulated waste from the large intestine. By introducing a small amount of water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis.

A colon hydrotherapy usually lasts about an hour. At Hertfordshire Colonics, we have a built-in multi-stage water filtration system, a state-of-the-art ultraviolet steriliser, one micron solid block carbon filter, individual disposables that eliminate any possible contamination to the client from a previous treatment and a lighted viewing chamber. All waste is discretely transported into the sewage without any offensive odour and without compromising the dignity of the client. After each colon hydrotherapy session, the unit is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised using hospital standard disinfectant in preparation for future use.

The warm purified water is let into the colon very slowly, when a slight pressure builds up in the colon, the water is gently released along with waste matter from the colon.

The process of filling water and releasing is typically repeated 3 to 5 times during the treatment. The therapist will also massage the abdominal area which will help in eliminating the waste through the colon.

Just one colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having 20 or 30 regular bowel movements. Eliminations during subsequent therapy sessions can be even more substantial as older, hardened, impacted faeces are dislodged from the colon walls.

The colon hydrotherapist will then see if you require additional sessions. After the session you could feel more energetic and vitalised.

How Do I feel Afterwards?

After the treatment is finished you do need to sit on the toilet for 10 minutes to let nature and gravity take its course and expel the residual water. And then you are free to head home. For the remainder of the day I was to be kind to my body, eat warm vegetable soup and drink lots of water. I spent the afternoon in bed, reading, drifting in and out of sleep. So yes, you do feel tired afterwards.

Straight away afterwards I felt lighter and taller, both in mind and body. I did feel a little tetchy, annoyed by little things. I was expecting emotion as I cried after my first colonic in 2017. No tears this time. You see this therapy removes something that your body has been clinging onto, so you might grieve for losing that piece of your body and have the emotions linked to that. Even if its lump of toxic poo!!

I had a night out on the evening after the therapy which was a challenge. It wasn’t that far away and I was happy to drive and leave early. I felt tired and hungry, and as the night progressed with everyone drunk and me sober it was time to go home. As soon as my head touched the pillow at home I was asleep.

The Following Few Days

The following day I awoke at 6am with my usual energy. I did a bit of work, drank a shed load of water and then headed out for a 5-mile run. A run that was one of my easiest in terms of effort, I almost felt like I was running on a cloud. And a lot of creative ideas came to me during my run.

My work rate in the week after the treatment has been outstanding, incredibly focussed. I have written some beautiful work, filmed a YouTube video, long overdue. I feel on top of things. And friends have told me that I look great.

The colonic has had an incredible effect on me, and I highly recommend it. Particularly if you experience digestive issues including IBS and constipation.

colonic therapy hertfordshire

If you live in Hertfordshire do check out Hertfordshire Colonics. If you book please mention me as I will get a small referral fee from Reena, with no impact on the price you pay.


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