Mondaymoney #5 Radio show presenting and photoshoots

Mondaymoney #5 Radio show presenting & photoshoots

Last week was a wonderful week and a busy week. I went from one extreme of a 14-hour day on Wednesday to a 4-hour day on Thursday. Mrs Mummypenny life and my real Lynn James life is just incredibly busy now, making it more important to pull back and relax on the days where possible.

Last week was also incredibly productive and inspiring, I am going to put much of that down to the after effects of my colonic. I have felt this week like I could do anything, change the world. I have pushed myself into scary situations that I am uncomfortable with, and good things have happened as a result. Help was sought, several times, and you know what, if you reach out people are more than happy to help. I have some very exciting news about a group coaching project. I can’t wait to share it with you!

radio show presenting

16-hour Wednesday

Hospital Visits

Wednesday was the long day! I started off with my normal 6am rising time and got a couple of hours of work done. Then it was hospital time for Dylan’s consultant check-up for his knee ligaments. All is looking good; his leg is repairing quickly. He is doing well with the exercises and is resting. After a couple of hours in the hospital we had some time to ourselves.

Home Bargains!

Time with just one child is so rare so I like to make the most of it. We grabbed chicken legends at McDonalds and had a wonder around Home Bargains. I love that shop! I needed a mop bucket, £1.49. But of course, picked up a few other bits, Dylan got some headphones for £2.99, we tested before we bought, and they sounded good! Dylan got sunglasses for his Germany football trip (which he can go on, despite the leg). I got some nice shower gel and toothbrushes for £1 each. I think I might prefer Home Bargains to Poundland!

New Laptop from PC World

We then headed over to PC World to have a look at the laptops. My current 3-year-old HP has been on its way out for months now. The man in PC world was so helpful, I reeled off my requirements and he found the perfect laptop for me. And even better it was £549. A smaller HP laptop with decent memory, good for editing. I also got cloud storage, £20 for 5 years of 2 TB data, plus a virus protection. I asked for a discount too, I always do, and they knocked off an extra £20.

Sunday Times photoshoot

Straight home to declutter and tidy as the Sunday Times photography team were arriving at 2:30 for a photoshoot. I am working on a smart meter project for them which should be live in early June. The shoot was over by 6pm.

Radio show presenting

The Lytton Arms re-opens

Wednesday evening was the pre-opening night of the Lytton Arms in Knebworth, finally after two years of no pubs, one has reopened. And it looks beautiful. I am working with the owners to help with promotion so did a little Facebook Live whilst up there. A great pub which friendly staff, lovely food and character. Well done to AC Inns who are the family company behind the refurb.

Home by 10pm and shattered.

My Radio Show – Mrs Mummypenny Talks

Tuesday saw me spend three hours intensely concentrating on the production and recording of my first radio show for SG1 Radio. Ray the station owner was on hand to help with technical instructions. It went so so well, and you’ve not got long to wait. Episode 1 will be aired on Tuesday 22nd May 11am to 12 noon.

My first ever guest was Emma from The Money Whisperer and we had a wonderful chat about money mistakes and successes, how she got to where she is now in life and what lies in the future. I will be using the same format for every guest and will see where the conversation goes!

Radio show presenting

Presenting a radio show is so exciting, its one of the most exciting things I have done with Mrs Mummypenny and feel like its going to make such a difference. I will be sharing life stories, incredible music and will be inspiring my readers to achieve freedom. A healthy wealth, body and mind.

Alternative healthcare for Dylan

As I mentioned Dylan is recovering from a ligament injury to his knee. Rest and physio has been important, but I also wanted to heal Dylan with vitamins and minerals. I spoke to the lovely Helena Bingham, friend and nutritional expert who recommended lots of things. Off I went to Health Emporium in Hitchin to make some purchases. I knew it was going to cost, but the bill came to less than I was expecting.

We got Epsom salts for the bath, magnesium cream to run into his leg, Arnica, child friendly fish oil and castor oil to wrap his leg in at night time. This lot came to £53. But anything to help my child get better is worth it.

Spending Diary

To help me with these posts I have been keeping a great spending diary for a few weeks now. Its just a pad of paper and I update the spending list every morning. Its making me realise that I spend a lot on parking! This week alone £13! And Amazon is another place where money is spent often, this week we spent £29. Jumanji on DVD, Josh wanted from his pocket money that I track via the Rooster App. We bought two books and I smashed my mouse so needed a new one. One book was the Guinness book of world records. It was £5 on Amazon, we saw it in a book shop a couple of weeks ago and it was £20!

Group Coaching – 60 days to make money from your blog

I have helped out lots of wonderful bloggers with my 121 blogger coaching, so am expanding to offer group coaching to a group of bloggers during June & July. This is a beta test so I will be offering it for the special price of £249. That is half price. Please go read the page all about this exclusive offer and drop me a line on if you have any questions.

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