Monday Money #4 – Mrs Mummypenny Talks & Switching Mortgage

The gift of Time

I was given the gift of time a few times last week, one of the best gifts to receive. I was planning on being in London on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday for lunch, but both meetings were either postponed or didn’t happen. This was great! I had a whole week in Hertfordshire. There were bits of whizzing around of course. Medical appointments for Dylan who has torn ligaments in his knee and I had my smear (most important ladies, if you have had your letter book your appointment). I met with Charles, my Wenta business mentor on Tuesday in Stevenage, and talked non-stop for two hours about the strategy of Mrs Mummypenny. I have a very clear roadmap all on one page that looks a bit like a car engine.

Mrs Mummypenny Talks

I also had a lesson in how to be a DJ and recorded a test show of my new radio show ‘Mrs Mummypenny Talks’ on SG 1 Radio. It was literally one of the best things I have ever done in my Mrs Mummypenny life. I have been a guest on radio shows plenty of times and have even co-hosted a few with Martin Bamford but to run the show, set up the music, interview an incredible person…it was amazing! I have listened back to the test show a few times. Its very funny, littered with mistakes, but its good. Really good. That chat was natural and inspiring.

The content is going to be focussed a bit on what I have been up to that week, with some fab money saving content of course. There will be a guest every week who will share their inspirational story and each guest will answer their biggest money mistake and their biggest money success. And there will be plenty of music. The first couple of shows will be pre-recorded then I’ll be live every Tuesday 11am to 12 noon, probably from early June. Live on the internet and Alexa! The shows will also be available as a podcast on all the usual places, SoundCloud, Spotify etc and on here.

I am so excited.

So over to Monday Money. What things have I done this week to save or make me money?
Here is a version of this content on YouTube if you would rather watch video.

Mrs Mummypenny Talks

Mortgage Switched

I listened to the Money to the Masses podcast this week where Damien and Andy were discussing the interest rate meeting that happened last week. Interest rates didn’t change, but it prompted me to call up First Direct and sort out the fixing of our mortgage. We have been on a tracker mortgage since last year as we wanted the flexibility just in case we moved to a new house (downsizing). Since we are not moving the mortgage I wanted to fix this rate again.

I will be writing a post in more detail about this thought process and exercise later this week, but essentially the move from a tracker rate to five-year fee free repayment mortgage is saving us a huge £68 per month!

Charity Boxing Match

Saturday night saw us head to NikNik Jordan’s boxing match. Nicky is one of my best mates and has looked after my boys for 10 years now, a huge part of my support network. I have said before and will say again I couldn’t do what I do or have done in career since having children without her. So much so that when we sort out our wills (on my huge personal to do list) she will be named as the carer for our boys if we both died.

Nicky has been training hard for many months for this boxing match. Three rounds of two minutes each against a fellow local woman, Alex. I was super scared watching her fight, but super proud. She was so focussed and so good!! Pleased to say that Nik won, there was never any doubt in my mind to be honest!

And a ton of money was raised for three wonderful charities, here is the just giving page if you are feeling generous and want to donate. Keech hospice was Nicky’s chosen charity, whom look after terminally ill children and adults.

Mrs Mummypenny Talks

Freebie Make Over

This is such a cheeky one! I was rushing around on Thursday trying to get load of work done before leaving to go record my radio show. I ran out of the house forgetting to do my makeup and eat. So, I popped to Boots on route and used all the tester make up products for my face. Super cheeky, but I looked and felt much better. Very important before recording your first ever test radio show! And I grabbed a Boots meal deal lunch, I forgot how much of a bargain it is, a wrap, packet of graze nuts and healthy drink all for £3.50ish. Total customer driver into Boots, but its great value. And I might return and buy the Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss I tried as it lasted ages and made my lips tingle and look fuller!

Thursday night Dinner and a celebration

I was so excited on Thursday after my radio show that I wanted to celebrate. Dylan and hubby went off to Newmarket to see the Cambridge physio, leaving Jack, Josh and I to go celebrate. We headed to TGI Fridays in Stevenage leisure park, so I could get a cocktail. They wanted KFC, but I steered them to TGI’s instead. Not money saving in the slightest as dinner cost £50 including tip, but it was lovely. Jack ate every bit of his hot dog and fries and Josh loved his healthy chicken, mash and broccoli. The kid’s food comes in at around £6-7, so its slightly pricey, but it was very nice. And my cocktail hit the spot.

Mrs Mummypenny Talks

Co-op Re-opens in Knebworth

The excitement for the village this week was the co-op reopening after five weeks worth of refresh. Josh’s class got to go cut the ribbon, which he loved as he got his picture taken for the local newspaper. He also got a free bag of food! Josh enjoys being the centre of attention and can reel off all the newspapers and magazines he has been in. Top spot being a photo of him in Stevenage Comet meeting Teddy Sheringham, whom used to manage Stevenage FC (who is so good looking and lovely in real life).

I digress, so the Co-op has reopened and its looking lovely. Lots of fresh produce, energy saving fridges and lighting. Self service tills. And the sweets have been moved away from the till. I like it. And the yellow sticker food in the Co-op is always great!

Making Money and being featured in the Metro

This week I was featured in the Metro on Wednesday along side Emma Drew we were talking how we make money from out opinions. I was talking mystery shopping which I have tried quite a bit of. Sometime successfully, sometimes not! Free spa day plus £10 payment = good. Four Morrisons stores visited taking 4 hours, putting up promotional shelving for £50 = Not Good. Ragdoll bank mystery shopping 1 hour for £50 = VERY good.

Mrs Mummypenny Talks

Goodness and Blogger friends

You will know from regular reading of my blog that I am good blogger friends with Emma Drew and Faith Archer, the girls with which I run this linky. These girls have been around for years and we rely on each other for blogging advice, pricing questions, writing questions, technical question and much more. Faith even proof read my book Blogging Your Way To Riches and was the most thorough in her amends of all the test readers!

New bloggers come onto the personal finance radar and you connect. Emma Maslin of the Money Whisperer is a newer friend and was incredibly helpful over the past few weeks. She helped to rationalise work with a difficult client and helped me to decide to ditch the project. I really appreciate the help hon, take a read of her website. Its good! Tons of great content and written beautifully.

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9 Responses

  1. Ah thanks Lynn 🙂 I’m glad to be able to give back when I’ve had so much great support from others in my blogging journey.

    When you work remotely, it is so good to have virtual friends who can support and build each other up. I’d recommend anyone to build a little tribe of like minded blogger friends and support each other – share ideas, informal coaching and throw around business ideas. Collaboration is key.

    Great work on the mortgage. We are still on a tracker – the gamble paid off – and were thankful of a hold in the rates!

    1. Collaborate not compete. Speak to you on the radio show later:-) Our tracker rate was 2.8% inc base rate, and moved to 1.9% with the fixed deal. Well happy with that.

  2. What a great, productive week! I am impressed by your radio show and the fact you enjoyed doing not just the chat but also the whole DJ/music side. It’s amazing how many different wants there are to get the money message out. Congratulations on a successful week.

    1. Thank you, there are so many ways we can communicate our message, and when you get to add in music, its even more special.

  3. heheh, dude fantastic but your video is not hd, you are a famous Pod caster,
    i am suggest you to hire a professional video editor, who animated and design your video

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