Aldi Christmas guide 2018 – A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas

Aldi Christmas guide 2018

The Christmas spectacular (#amazingaldichristmas) did not let me down this year. This is my third year of attending and it was super special as always. I am biased, maybe, but Aldi is always my favourite Christmas event. This year it was held on one of the hottest days of the summer so it extra lovely to arrive and be handed a chilled glass of champagne straight away!  Here’s whats hot in this years Aldi christmas guide!

Aldi Christmas guide 2018 - A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas

Aldi Wine and Sparkles

I walked straight into the alcohol section and my wonderful friend Sam Caporn the Mistress of Wine. She gave us a wonderful tour of the wine highlights including the Monsigny Brut Champagne, the Crement du Jura and the organic prosecco of white and new rose variety. There were beautiful reds and whites to match the Aldi Christmas dinner and party food perfectly. And of course, some lovely spirits, particularly gin for the party cocktails.

I was drawn to the huge bottle of prosecco the methuselah, 8 bottles worth of prosecco, double the size of the jerombone. Perfect for parties and celebrations a real talking point.

The Party Food and Canapes

Next stop was the food. Oh, yum the food. I had a tour of party food first and tasted some very special new party food items, all can be cooked at the same temperature and all are incredible value for money. You would think you were eating M&S party food but for much less. My favourite pieces were the mini waffles with shredded ham and maple syrup. The mini souffles were delicate and soft and the mini kofta balls were beautiful. I tried one of everything as I had to, right?!

Aldi Christmas guide 2018 - A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas

The fish selection this year has gone up a level with a whole salmon topped with prawns. There was beautiful smoked salmon subtly cured, scallops and mac n’ cheese with lobster. The cheese selection was very special with the stand out item being the 1000-day aged Gouda. And it tasted amazing, I will be buying that in for the Christmas cheese board.

Aldi Christmas guide 2018 - A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas

The Meats

The main event was of course the Aldi christmas meats and there was the most amazing display of platters. The Norfolk turkey looked amazing and tasted very good. The goose looked extra lovely and the team are expecting it to be popular this year. One of my favourite meats tastes was the chateaubriand for two. It was so tender and tasted amazing.

A personal favourite, as I shared on Instagram was the giant pig in blanket. Quite an obvious idea but not one I have seen before, a bit of a show stopper! The stuffing and sausage range was very good, and I love talking to the pork and poultry buyer about where they source their meat from (the UK) and the standards that the pigs are kept in (they are very happy pigs).

Aldi Christmas guide 2018 - A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas


The desserts section was very tempting, and I got to try a lovely selection of mince pies, mince pie ice-cream, fudge, which was beautiful. There was chocolate, nougat. There was a show stopper dome cake with a village scene inside. Perfect for the main event after Aldi Christmas dinner as well as the Aldi Christmas pudding obviously.

And for the first time ever Aldi have introduced a range of UK sourced caviar. Yes, they have done it. Perfect on a Bellini with a glass of sparkles.

Make Up

I got very excited at the make up and candles section. This was missing from Aldi Christmas 2017, so I was super glad to see it back. There were some amazingly similar products to those expensive but very popular products we might buy at John Lewis or Debenhams. There was a Charlotte Tilbury esq contouring kit, there was Nars esq skin care, there was a benefit esq mascara (I was excited about this. The eye shadow palette was amazing, and I am desperate to get my hands on one to do a make up video for you on YouTube.

The perfumes smelt amazing and have been chemically analysed to be the same as scent as Chanel, Boss, John Paul Goultier. And they do.

Aldi Christmas guide 2018 - A video tour and my guide of the best products for Christmas

A big talking point was the huge candle, the Jo Malone esq candle has gone up a level and they have produced the giant candle, no prices yet but the Jo Malone retails for £300, its not going to be that in Aldi, I would guess at £40. There was a very exciting beauty advent calendar, yes please to that one. I look at them every year in all the retailers but am still yet to buy one!


I was very excited to see some brilliant ideas for gifting. The matching polar bear pyjamas were too cute. I will try to get my boys involved, but I suspect only Jack the youngest will want to take part with me. Loved the Ugg like slippers and in fact had a pink pair gifted to me last year, so I know they are lovely.

I was excited to see the 3d printer and am keen to see what Aldi price it at. I suspect cheaper than the ones I had seen at Amazon earlier in the day.

The home furnishing and kitchen pieces were beautiful. Lots of gold and copper. They had some very pretty champagne glasses (although I do not need more!). And the last thing that grabbed my attention were the Aldi Christmas jumpers. The fluffy sparkly one looked very nice and the Fa la la Lama was funny!

I did a wonderful Facebook live whilst there which I have popped into a YouTube video so take a look at the products for yourself!

This is a collaborative post with Aldi.


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