5 things you need to know about marketing if you want to start a business

Each ambitious student dreamed of starting his/her own small business. A cosy bar for friends with craft beer and wooden interiors or shop for selling handmade products, a candy store, t-shirts and socks with prints, whatever. Even if you haven’t dreamed about this, you dreamed of making a lot of money, and this is almost from the same opera. To understand how a business works and what is the best way to start it, you need a little understanding of marketing. Here are 5 main tips that you need to know not to screw up at least immediately.

Try to invest as little money as possible

It is clear that any investment should boost your business. Before you invest money in at least something, you need to think, discuss and recount ten times whether it will bring profit in the end. And if not, why should you invest? Losing a lot of money is the easiest thing possible. You can spend a lot of time and efforts collecting the amount needed to invest, you can get into debt, lose a lot of friends, and, in the end, your investment will not give you anything. Therefore, if you see somewhere a development opportunity that requires investments, try to give as little as possible and get at least about the same profit from this opportunity. Be economical and even a little stingy in terms of investing.

Always think about strategy and plan every step

You can not start a business without a well thought-out strategy. Never focus on luck, chance or inner feelings. Every little thing should be taken into account otherwise in the future it can hit you very hard. Before you begin your own thing or turn up some changes in an existing one, you should spend time and energy to think through every step. It is necessary to take into account all the possible nuances and lay a certain amount of money in case everything goes wrong. Detail the basic plan. Then write a plan B. Then plan C.

Start as early as possible and make mistakes as often as possible

Thinking about how to start a business can be infinite. But the sooner you try to start it, the more you will have experience and useful knowledge in the future. If you try to open your small shop as a student, by the age of 30 you will understand at least some of the subtleties of your business and learn how to make mistakes on how to do it. Yes, it is rather difficult to learn and manage something at the same time, but this is the way of those who eventually achieve something. Some dropped out of university. Some got out using all available tools. For example, the best essay writing service in the Uk. As with almost any real business, you can outsource your tasks. Use this opportunity while studying, consider education as an investment in yourself, and outsourcing as time savings.

Automate everything that can be automated

This includes the previous paragraph. The less it requires your intervention, the better. Ideally, try to make from your own business a coherent, precise mechanism that grows and develops with minimal outside control. Analyze all the processes and think about how to make everything happen without constant adjustment and supervision. This will help you focus on other things, such as working on your next dream.

Information and knowledge is the most important resource

Try to read a lot of subject literature, visit useful sites, go to lectures, make acquaintances. Learning a business from your mistakes is, of course, wonderful. But it’s not necessary to do this all the time, if there is an opportunity to analyse the experience of others, find out a way around some difficulties, or find a way to avoid the most obvious problems. Read the news and make it your daily ritual.

These simple tips will help you in the difficult way of managing your own thing. The hardest part is to get started. You will feel that you are not ready, that you need to accumulate some more knowledge, and friends. Perhaps you will think that you have not chosen a sphere or have not found what you would like to do, but in fact, in this all fear of losing everything is hidden. Any own business is connected with risk and it is almost impossible to create something without making a single mistake and losing money. But in return, you always gain experience and use it in the future to get better. The point is not how not to make a mistake at all, but how to make a mistake, but with minimal losses for yourself.


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  2. For a business start-up, great advice, Lynn. When I was still a student, I dreamed of my own business, at first I started with entrepreneurial activity. He took an example from Nicolas Krafft, he inspired me, that now he teaches leadership in digital business, and started as a product manager. This is a great career advance.

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