5 things I love and 5 things I hate about getting older

I’ve not long ago hit the ripe age of 38…big 40 is not far off..a bit of a scary thought if I’m honest. There are all these things that I notice every day that appear to emphasis my age..some of it good, some of it bad….

5 things I love and 5 things I hate about getting older

Here are my 5 things I Love

1) As the years go on I seem to learn a bit more each year. I have experienced quite a bit in life so it gives me good understanding of others and what they may be going through. Be it good or bad, I can dish out advice and life experience on most things and like to think I help lots of people. I can advise on careers, qualifications, uni, study, weddings, babies, death of parents, oh and money saving ;-)….quite a lot really.

2) All the music I’ve experienced. This weeks musical highlights have been watching a queen documentary, the duran duran story, all the great music from Peter Kays Car Share and Radio Ones Big weekend. I love music from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today and long may it continue. Music uplifts you and can make you feel amazing. Peter-Kays-Car-Share-Episode-3

3) Your children become the most important thing in your life, prioritised above yourself, your partner, your friends. You’ll do anything for them. They make you proud, happy, sad, tired, emotional, creative, organised…

2014-05-30 14.37.23

4) An appreciation for history/general learning of stuff. I love an interesting historical program/visit to an historical place. One of my best days out last year was a visit to the Tower of London..I loved learning all about London all those years ago and I learnt a lot about politics this year. I leant a lot about websites and social media since I started this website and Facebook/twitter world.

2014-07-27 14.46.46

5) Friends through the years. I love my friends, they mean the world to me, and as my family live so far away, my friends are often my substitute family. I have my oldie school buddies, my uni buddies, my friends from the various companies I’ve worked for, the HSBC guys, the Tesco girls and my EE loverlies. And then the newer mummy friends made through my 3 children at school and football. All friends to enjoy getting older with 🙂

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And 5 things I hate about getting Older

1) Grey hair, every time I look in the mirror another grey hair appears…they sprout up and stick out like little pipe cleaners. Hate them.

2) Tired eyes/bags/wrinkles. My eyes always look tired…so I invest in eye cream and age defying moisturiser. I will beat these wrinkles for as long as I possibly can. Oh and I also have some great under eye concealer, thanks Bobbi Brown.

3) Younger people at work haven’t heard of the stuff you loved in your younger years. My team at work are a split of us age 38 plus folk and those 30 and younger folk. We often discuss music we love, TV we loved, films we loved. And the younger folk don’t get it. Damn those people born in the 1980’s and 90’s! If you were born is 1999 you are now celebrating your 16th year….I feel old. In 1999 I graduated from Uni and was bopping around to sweet like chocolate and Ricky Martin.

4) Random hair. So this is a wierd one, why does it happen? I get 2 random hairs that periodically appear 1) on my neck and 2) on my chin. I check every day with the tweezers….but sometimes shock horror I’ve not checked for like 2 days and there it is, a long dark hair. MORTIFIED..who has spotted my crazy random hair. Hate this..really hate it…

5) Clothes shopping. So I’m too old for Top shop and Miss Selfridge. I’m too young for Monsoon & M&S. Ted Baker although I love it is ****** expensive. John Lewis is probably my favourite as I love to get my free cake and coffee afterwards (available with your My John Lewis card, get one if you havn’t got one!). Or I’ve normally got my 3 boys so we just go for the cake and coffee and children lunch bag (choose 5 items but kids normally pinch 8).

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