My Weightloss Journey – Blog Post 3

Recap Time

So you may remember my previous posts on weight loss…a quick recap blog-1 was written just after finishing my final session of hypnotherapy, my method of choice for weightloss. I attended 3 cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Heather Hall between May and July. 7lbs were lost in that period of time. I then updated you all in my second recap Blog post 2 23rd July by that point I had lost 11 lbs. Bit of a break since then as I was aiming for a target weight loss.

Target Hit!

10-11-15 weight loss graphIt has now 6 months since the hypnotherapy started and I have just weighed in at 166 lbs…it has been a long time since I have been in the 160’s for lbs and I weigh in at 11 stone 12lbs. Total weight loss of 2 stone and here is my weight loss graph I have been tracking since 5th July. I have been getting a lot of comments recently about how I look, one school mum said, ‘Don’t think I am being rude, but your body shape has completely changed you look really good’, not rude at all, I’ll take every compliment coming my way:-). Here are my before and after pictures.

fat photo June 201520151106_174446

Breaking the 2 stone barrier and getting below 12 stone is a huge deal, so I took this opportunity to reward myself and to book a free appointment with the John Lewis personal shopper. All of my trousers are falling down, my skirts are hanging around my hips. My boobs are still as big, but there is a lot less back fat spilling out. So I have got to be a smaller size.

I had a 2 hour appointment with Sarah at Welwyn Garden City John Lewis. We chatted about what clothes I needed and off she went to seek out firstly my size, she chose correctly and secondly what I might like. I was after a capsule wardrobe and clothes that are all mix and matchable but also suitable for different purposes. School run/Mrs20151105_180037 Mummypenny business meetings/going out.  I ended up getting 2 pairs of trousers, one dark blue jeans and one pair of black skinny trousers, both can be casual or dressed up. And I got a red v-neck jumper, a nice blouse, couple of short sleeved tops and a lovely sparkly oasis bronze jumper. All of which can be dressed up and down and they all fit:-) The brands were a range of Oasis/Ted Baker/Levi/John Lewis own and Mint Velvet. And they were mostly size 12 :-). Some bits were more than others, but I got great value as all the items will be worn tons of times, so a great cost per wear;-)

Fashion money saving tip – spend a bit more on day to day clothes that will get lots of wear than occasion party/dress wear. Think cost per wear rather than cost per item.


So how do I feel?

Well to be honest pretty good. It is strange getting used to a new body 2 sizes smaller. I still look at myself and think that my tummy looks too big and my arms look fat and my boobs are a bit saggy. But then I put clothes on and they look good, there are no rolls of fat and things actually fit me. I get compliments all the time, which I gratefully accept and gush about how I have lost the weight as I want other people to feel the same way:-)

My Thought Processes

I really do think and feel differently about food. There is very rarely a time a part of me wants to snack on sweet things. I can go into the Co-op and buy the kids some sweeties and not buy one for myself. I can go into the cake shop and really not want a cake, yesterday the boys wanted to go to Burger King for birthday treats and I had nothing:-). I do like eating savoury things and fruit so I will snack on a bit of cheese or a bowl of mango or a few nuts.

I will chose the healthy thing on the restaurant menu and not feel like I am missing out, I tend to feel happy that I can eat out with something healthy. We have started getting Hello Fresh recipe boxes in an effort to cook healthy fresh ingredients in a convenient way. More to come on that in the forthcoming weeks. Although check out my instagram account @mrsmummypennyuk for plenty of healthy foody pictures.

10-11-15 Yes positivity

And I have achieved a real huge effort thing and have managed to run a 5KM in under 30 minutes. I have never done this in my life..EVER. And I am working really hard to do 10,000 steps a day. Next plan is a triathlon. Well maybe I’ll start with a sprint one, but I would really like to give it a go.

Do you need to lose weight?

If you are reading this and thinking I want to feel like this and achieve this you can!! I did 3 sessions of cognitive hypnotherapy with Heather. It works…better than any diet plan I have ever followed in the past. And why does it work? Because it really deals with the core emotions and thought processes behind why I ate rubbish that made me fat. I feel like my brain has been re-programmed like a computer to read healthy food as good and sugary/calorific food as bad. Exercise and extra walking as good, no exercise bad.

Heather charges £95 for each session and expects that weight loss will take between 3-5 sessions to treat. She also deals with phobias, depression, anxiety, addiction amongst many things. So why not drop her a line and book in for a free first consultation.

For more info on hypnotherapy click here for Heather Hall , here is her facebook page. or click on the following links for her websites:

Heather Hall Hypnotherapy in Hemel Hempstead

Heather Hall Hypnotherapy in Harley Street London


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  1. WOW! You look fantastic — and what a great way to start a new year!! Having lost weight *before* January is fantastic — at least you won’t be adding *start diet* to your new years resolutions! Well done pet! #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment which helps us overcome obstacles, achieve our goals and enables us to be the best that we can be.

    Enjoyed reading the post above, really explains everything in detail,the post is very interesting and effective.Thank you for sharing and good luck for the upcoming posts.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Indeed hypnotherapy is very powerful in overcoming unconscious mind problems. Very grateful for taking action and doing it.

  3. Congrats ! Reaching our targeted weight loss, or feeling amazing after losing weight really is the best feeling ! I’ve heard of hypnotherapy for weight loss, but I really wonder how it can work lol maybe one day I’ll try it.. for the moment I have found that what works the best is tracking what I eat via an app. I use Yazio as my food journal and it has worked wonders ! It really helps to stay motivated to keep track of what we eat and seeing how we can simply make healthier choices 🙂

    1. I use Myfitness pal that does a very similar thing!! Counting the food really works but I found I needed the hypnotherapy to help me get my mindset right.

  4. Mrs Mummy Penny Healthy Wealth , Body & Mind is the BEST BLOG about weight loss, I read it practically every day. I am also happy that I was able to find , because it not only allowed me to lose weight, but also to maintain a great figure, I hope it will help others!

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  8. Wow! thank you so much for that amazing weightloss journey… I used this tonic from japan - They are running a special at the moment.

  9. Wow, Man! You are looking gorgeous! Currently, I am also working on my weight loss and feeling motivated after seeing your weight loss results and your whole body transformation. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us. To lose weight, I am also eating MyRite best product for slimming. What do you think, Should I continue to use them in my weight loss journey ???

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