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Let me introduce myself and get to the point quickly! I am 38 years of age and have been on a diet for the past 25 years. I’ve been a size 18, a size 12 and I tend to vary between these sizes constantly.  At just 5ft 5 1/2 inches (the 1/2 matters!) to be a healthy BMI my weight needs to be less than 11 stone. And I will be honest, my weight has never been less than 11 stone.

My Weightloss mission on a Mrs Mummypenny Budget

My weightloss experience

There has maybe been a few months within the past 25 years where I’ve been happy with my size and weight…that makes me feel really sad. Just to scare me that little bit more I am getting older and my parents died of heart disease from a relatively young age (58 mum and 63 dad) so I need to get my weight under control or the worst thing in the world could happen. This is me in 2010, probably at my smallest ever, a nice size 12. (That is the natural history museum whale behind me:-)


The Past

So over the years what have I tried, well you name it I’ve tried it. Slimming world has been attempted maybe 4 times and has had the most success. I lost 2 1/2 stone after Josh my middle child was born, and got very close to my target weight. But with the birth of Jack number three boy the weight crept back on. So lets say I have tried Slimming World 4 times for 6 months each time, each time would cost around £150 each time if you include a few of the books and healthy bars they encourage you to buy every week at slimming group. So that is £600 there. Same again for Weight Watchers I’ve tried that maybe 4 times so lets add on an additional £600. We’re up to £1200 in slimming clubs.

I have joined so many gyms and tried so many classes, but lets be honest, exercise will only make you lose weight if you’re also eating the right stuff, so its not really been that helpful. I’ve maybe paid for gyms for 10 years out of the 25, and at say £40 per month for those 10 years, that is £4,800.

I have bought endless exercise DVD’s, it started back in the day with that Cindy Crawford one(!), Davina, Insanity, yoga, pilates. And I’ve bought endless diet books, 5:2 diet, Carol Vorderman, Food Doctor, Gordon’s Healthy Eating to name a few. So there is maybe another £500 in there.

You get the picture I’ve tried all sorts that cost me at least £6,500. Scary numbers, no wonder the diet industry is worth an estimated £2 billion per year!!!

Light Bulb Moment

My realisation at the ripe age of 38 is that the theory behind losing weight is eat less and exercise more. Simples. So I need to address the eat less part. I eat rubbish sometimes, and I eat rubbish late at night. I’ll turn to that cupboard in the kitchen that contains chocolate, biscuits, crisps and will binge on a few items. I eat when I’m sad or feeling sorry for myself and I’ll eat more in the winter darker months. I’ll think nothing of devouring a 200g box of Maltesers all to myself, that is 1010 calories in one sitting.


I have a friend who left EE around 14 months ago who left to become a Cognitive hypnotherapist. We always got on really well and I helped her out a bit with setting up Facebook and Twitter for her new business venture and we kept in touch on Facebook. She sent me a message in May asking me if I would share her business on my Facebook page for some promotion and my first thought was for me 🙂 She mentioned the typical problems she normally helps with (smoking, drinking, confidence, weight loss to name a few) and my first thought was that it was me that needed the help. I will only promote businesses and services that I have either tried or believe in as being brilliant, money saving, useful so this was an opportunity to test and review and put on here if it worked!

We met back in May for an intro session, this is always free of charge. This was to work out what problems I wanted to deal with and explain some of theory behind hypnotherapy. So in my laymans terms here is how it works. There is a part of my unconscious mind that guides me towards food. Food that is normally high in sugar and fat in times of need. It tells me I need that sugar hit to feel better/to improve my self esteem. I don’t know why or how it got there, probably a few trigger events in my childhood, younger years caused it. The hypnotherapy reprograms my unconscious mind to react differently to these times of sadness/need/low self esteem.

She recommended that I would need between 3 to 5 sessions to sort out the above and she explained a few things we would do to re-program my unconscious mind. Each session cost £95 each and lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. The first session was to include a personality profile to allow her to understand how I tick and also included recordings to listen to at the end of the day to help the change take place whilst at home in between sessions.

Third session of Hypnotherapy

I literally just finished my third session on Thursday and know now that I actually started to notice the change in mindset after my first proper session.  I stopped going to the magic cupboard in the kitchen, I stopped eating after 8pm at night, I stopped thinking about food all of the time & I was stopping eating when I was full and leaving food on my plate. After my 2nd session I noticed that shopping in Tesco’s feels different. I want to buy food from the healthy aisles and felt no drive to go down the chocolate/biscuit aisle, I even spent time examining the salad aisle to choose the most exciting foods! I used my John Lewis vouchers leaving pressie from EE to buy myself a Jawbone Up2.  It’s a band I wear all the time to measure my steps, my sleep and eating habits. This really helps to encourage me to be more active and syncs up to a brilliant app on my phone. Choosing the healthy option on the restaurant menu is no longer a hardship; it’s perfectly acceptable and I do not feel like I am missing out. Nor do I feel guilty when I have a little of something bad; like a burger at a barbeque or posh meal out to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday. This feels like an incredible mindshift for me and it really feels like its worked.

And in the 6 weeks from session 1 to session 3 I’ve lost 7 lbs.

Here is my first week of results from my jawbone.


So I am £285 lighter in pocket, but am already 7lbs lighter in weight. And maybe this is the key to really losing weight. I shall keep you updated with a regular update every couple of weeks.

If you are also interested in hypnotherapy with Heather Hall, here is her website. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She works from Hemel HempsteadBerkhampstead & London Harley Street.

Read on for an update of my weightloss in the next post.


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  1. In the spirit of money saving ideas, which is what I thought this site was about. I’ve been doing Weightwatchers for 13 months, lost 3 1/2stone and am 12lbs away from my goal weight. It hasn’t cost me a penny. If you go to a leader and ask which classes locally need volunteer helpers, you get your classes for free and get 20p for every member that turns up. Our leader puts all our 20ps in a tin and empties it every few months. Typically we get £20-30. So not only is my weight loss journey not costing me, it’s making me a few quid on top!

  2. Another way to enjoy very low fat filling healthy food is to link to the unofficial slimming world pages on Facebook. There are lots of tasty recipes on there. I’m not a person who loves to cook but I can manage many of the recipes the people post. And it’s lovely for new ideas.

  3. I really am inspired by the points made here. Hypnotherapy is something i have wanted to try but just never believed in completely. I went through a few phases finding what works for me. One of things I found was red detox tea which helped me reduce my cravings and progress further with my weight loss journey.

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