Preparing Young People for the Workplace of the Future

Workplace of the Future

 The future workplace is an undeniably exciting prospect for Gen Z. The jobs market is constantly evolving with innovations in technology, creating and adapting roles that no other generation has experienced. In fact, it’s harder than ever to predict what your son or daughter’s future job will be, as it probably doesn’t exist yet!

Workplace of the Future

Irrespective of this, it can be as daunting as it is exciting, especially with 4 in 10 (40%) Gen Zs feeling their formal education has not fully prepped them for their future careers. Now more than ever, young people need to arm themselves with future-proofed skills, whether that’s humanising technology by mastering AI; making the world more compassionate; or learning all about sustainability.

Not a School

This is a recently-launched initiative from Samsung, which has one sole purpose – to equip young people with vital skills needed for the workplace of the future.  

This is an annual free four-week program designed for 18 to 25-year-olds and has been led by Charlie Dark, a creative influencer, poet and founder of the running community ‘Run Dem Crew’. Charlie and Samsung have also worked alongside a group of truly revolutionary people – from writers, podcasters and photographers, to entrepreneurs and entertainers – each of whom have given Not a School attendees exclusive insights into the future of their worlds and careers.

Each week of the course explores a different theme of the future, which has been co-designed with a group of inspiring young people, to make sure that those taking part are learning and applying skills that resonate with their passions, and which they believe will become most important in the future.

Taking action always needs a little spark to get you going, and Samsung’s Not a School hopes to provide that spark, to super-charge young people for their future careers; whether that’s through direct mentoring to create a piece of music or artwork that they think can change the world, or a solution that uses technology in a new way.

Sponsored by Samsung

Tess Smillie, VP People Team, Samsung UK&I, says: “We truly believe in the remarkable potential of the next generation to reach new heights of innovation, and to develop society-changing solutions, and we’re committed to helping them achieve this through education and programmes like Not a School.

“In order to bring about positive change and help build a better tomorrow, we must give youths the drive to be innovative and challenge the status quo. Moving forward, it’s therefore important that all education invests in a curriculum that fosters this future talent and considers rapid transformations in the progressive digital era.”

A feast of inspiration and learning lies ahead for future students!


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