The Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

I am excited to share with you a great way to collect Nectar points when you buy your petrol, the Esso Nectar Loyalty programme. Did you know that you can collect Nectar points when you purchase your petrol from Esso? And not only petrol, you can also get Nectar points on qualifying purchases from the Esso shop as well. Win Win!

Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

Petrol is a big expense!

As a family, petrol is a huge monthly expense for us. We are a football mad family with all three of my boys playing a lot of football. My eldest Dylan trains or plays games five times a week. My middle and younger sons, Josh and Jack, play twice a week. Add to this frequency the location of where we travel to. Dylan plays for Cambridge United Football Academy and trains or plays far away. Places like Newmarket, Cambridge which are 40+ miles away.

Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

I spend a lot getting my boys to football, so any reward I can receive linked to this expense is super helpful.

My local and closest petrol station is an Esso station where I fill up the car with petrol at least once a week with around 35 litres of petrol. This will mean I can collect 1 Nectar point for every litre of petrol purchased.

Points on Your Shop Purchase

We will often grab a meal deal for Dylan to eat straight after football. A healthy sandwich, with a snack and a drink. There is a great meal deal offer anyway for £3.50 in the shop at Esso. There is even more of a bonus here with 2 points awarded for every £1 spent in the shop on qualifying purchases.

Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

My local Esso contains a small convenience shop with a rather lovely takeaway coffee machine. Brilliant for me, so I can get a coffee for the long journey and get 2 points for every £1 spent.

The convenience store contains all those essentials for a quick top up shop, things like nappies, bread and milk.

How Many Nectar Points could I get in the first month of using it?

I estimate that I would fill up my car four times. When connecting my Nectar card with the Esso App for the first time, I will also receive 500 bonus Nectar points for my first fill through the app. These points will go straight into my Nectar account. Including the double points offer (further info below), I could collect up to 780 points.

Plus, let’s say maybe £5 spent in the shop with each fuel purchase. This is another 40 points. After one month, I would have a Nectar balance of 820 points. This is worth around £4.10 from my first month of Nectar points with Esso.

I love to save my Nectar points over the year to use in November/December time. This is the most expensive time of the year with three boys’ birthdays and the holidays. I can see the Esso Nectar loyalty programme points really adding up to great rewards once a year.

Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

The Esso App

I was very excited to try out the Esso App, where you can link up your Nectar account to ensure all points are added to your account when filling up your tank. The Esso App makes it so quick and simple to pay for your fuel. I love apps that make life simpler and save you time.

I have just downloaded the app and will be gifted 500 Nectar points upon using it for my first fuel purchase! A bonus worth £2.50 is brilliant.

How to Use the Esso App

The Esso App set up is ever so simple, you add your Nectar card and your payment method of either PayPal or Apple Pay. Then you find your nearest app payment enabled Esso service station. I looked and there were so many near me.

When you go to get your petrol, you park at the pump, open the Esso App which will locate where you are (ensure location settings are switched on), and you select your pump.

Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme

You then select your method payment (Apple Pay or PayPal) and put your phone away! Simple as that. When you have finished fuelling both you and the cashier get a notification that payment has gone through and off you can go. So simple, I love the sound of this app.

You can download the Esso App here .

Offers on the Esso App

I noticed an offers section when exploring the Esso App and there are rewards the more you top up. Currently there is an offer based on the amount of times I fill up with petrol before the end of November. For petrol purchase number two I get double points, and for petrol purchase number four I get quadruple points. It really adds great value to return to Esso only for your petrol.

There are so many reasons to visit Esso, to download the app and to start collecting your Nectar points with your fuel purchases!

Enjoy an extra bonus

Between 5th November 2019 and 26th February 2020, Esso customers can benefit from a Nectar points double up, helping to make the everyday more rewarding for drivers.

For every qualifying purchase of £5 or more on shop items such as milk or snacks at participating Esso Stations, customers will receive double the amount of Nectar points, simply by swiping their Nectar card at the till when they pay.

This is a collaborative post with the Esso Nectar Loyalty Programme. Terms and Conditions apply, for more details see here. There are 1200 Esso service stations in the UK, please visit this page to check which stations you can collect Nectar points at when fuelling (Esso locations with a Tesco Express are excluded).


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