When is the right time to change a mattress?

When is the right time to change a mattress?

Our existing mattress was bought when we moved into our new house eight years ago. We went for super king bed and mattress thinking then that we would often have a child often climbing into our bed. Turns out we were correct with that assumption! We rarely have a night without a child, normally the small one climbing in bed with us.

It is recommended that you change a mattress every eight years, and our eight years was up so we have gone for a a new mattress. Both the mattress industry and the sleep council recommend to change your mattress every eight years but why?

  • Your mattress may be showing signs of wear and tear. Creaks or springs popping is a sure sign its days are over
  • The mattress may be dirty, over the years ours has suffered from children being sick, maybe the odd wee. And typically these incidents will happen when there isn’t a mattress protector in place.
  • Are you or your partner getting a broken nights sleep? A decent mattress should be able to provide comfort to both of you and should also provide independent comfort.
  • Have you lost or gained weight over the time of having the mattress as this can make a difference to comfort levels.

Sloane and Sons are an online manufacturer of mattresses with 25 years experience in the mattress business. They offer a wide range of memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses in five different sizes. Mattresses are available in single, small double, double, king and super king.

The website is really helpful with great filters to help you choose the best product. We were after a super king mattress and there was a range of six to choose from. Each has a soft to firm rating between one to ten. Ten being the firmest. We were keen to try a memory foam mattress and went for the Richmond. It had a depth of 28cm which fits perfectly into our bed frame.

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Why choose memory foam?

I have lower back problems. Every couple of years I get a weakness and my back goes into spasm. I am ever so hopeful that the memory foam mattress will make a difference to my back pain. It is a mattress recommended by physiotherapists for people with hips, knees or shoulders and lower back pain. When you lie on a sufficiently deep layer of memory foam – such as the 5cm in this mattress – your hips and shoulders sink slightly into the foam. This cushions and supports them and allows your spine to come into alignment. On a conventional mattress without this “give”, the shape of your hips forces your spine into an unnatural position. The result is poorer sleep and tiredness the next day. We all move many times during the night but memory foam simply adapts to your new position and continues to support your body posture properly.

With memory foam, your weight is distributed much more evenly across the mattress, so of course there is less wear and tear than with a conventional mattress which gradually loses support in those areas that take the heaviest weight. The miraculous ability of memory foam to “forget” the shape of your body when you get up, means that it is all ready to mould to your contours the next time you lie down.

Aloe Vera for comfort and coolness

The memory foam topping is not the only great thing about this mattress. Sloane & Sons mattresses have Aloe Vera embedded into the mattress covering (the “ticking”). This plant has been used for cooling and calming our bodies for thousands of years. It also has antimicrobial properties and may therefore help anyone with allergies or skin sensitivities. Above all, it’s a natural ingredient in the fabric, to help soften it.

How are we finding the mattress

We received the mattress around four weeks ago so I wanted to give it a few weeks before writing an honest review. The mattress does feel harder than we were used to but once you are lying down it is extremely comfortable. You really do sink into the memory foam which moulds its way around your body. And the great thing is that my back problems seem to be improving.

The mattress is lending to a less disturbed night of sleep. There is less tossing and turning from both of us. And we are waking up feeling fresher in the morning. We are both really happy with the new mattress.

Here we are unwrapping the new mattress. It came vacuum packed so when we opened it it immediatly rose to the depth of 28 cm, it was like magic!

The Price

Another great thing about Sloane and Sons is that the price of the mattresses. The mattresses are mostly priced from £200 to £300. Incredible value for a mattress. Sloane and Sons are able to provide this value as they are an online retailer with none of the huge overheads of a retail outlet.


Sloane and Sons provided me with a mattress free of charge for the purpose of this review.


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