Ways to keep sustainable during the cost of living crisis.

It’s true what they say, going green is back! Sustainability is vitally important nowadays and is a way of living that meets the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Living environmentally friendly means that we live in a way that is both economically and environmentally sound. 

Unfortunately, however, things happen that have a negative impact on being environmentally friendly, such as the current global cost of living crisis. And believe it or not, it has a major impact on sustainability. 

How sustainability helps with the cost of living crisis: 

Now that we know why we need to implement sustainability into our lifestyles, what can we do to ease the effect of this crisis on sustainability?

Energy efficient costs: 

By taking your energy bills into consideration and saving on energy as much as possible, you will automatically be looking after our world too! You can also switch to using appliances that are more energy efficient and could land up saving up to 600 pounds per year

Reduced food costs:

By finding ways to save on food costs, you can start to live a more sustainable lifestyle, which in turn will help the environment. By eating less meat, you can also begin to save a lot more money. Incorporating a plant-based diet a few days a week will help reduce these costs during the cost of living crisis. 

Reduced transport costs:

As we are all aware, using vehicles to get around is not the best for the environment and is expensive too. The way in which you can combat this is to practice sustainability by using public transportation, walking or biking. Who knows, you might enjoy the exercise too!

Increased job opportunities:

With the sustainability hype, more jobs are being created. One such industry is the solar power industry. 

What else can we say about sustainability? 

In some cases, in the short term, sustainability may seem to add to the cost of living crisis because you may have to pay more for energy-efficient appliances or organic food. However, in the long term, you tend to save more whilst supporting the environment. 

Similarly, sustainability can help to create a more resilient economy (why not start growing your own vegetables?). 

But also, when we use sustainable packaging to transport our goods, we support our environment in the best way, allowing a massive reduction in the carbon footprint used to transport those goods. Tyler Packaging aims to reach a net-zero contamination score with packaging. 

Sustainability is about protecting the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. In the process, we can save some money too. 


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