The True Cost of Family Activities for Single Parents

We enjoy day out in our household, normally with just me and the boys

We love a day out with the family in our house and I am always trying to find something that all three boys will like. We recently had a holiday in Cornwall where I took the boys by myself. I have to admit at some places I was shocked by the cost of entry for us as a single parent family.

The graphic below gives lots of examples of popular UK attractions and the difference in cost for a two-parent family versus a one-parent family. They have broken it down into cost per adult to make it comparable in cost terms. Often a two-parent family will be able to get a family deal and save money that way.

Examples of the cost of a day out

Just take Cadbury World, this is £41.05 for one adult and two children to enter. Or £49.60 for a family with two adults and two children to enter. The extra adults costs just an extra £8.55. So you could break it down into cost per adult of £41.05 for the single parent family and £24.80 each for the two parent family.

We recently visited the Eden project in Cornwall. One adult and three children. I asked for a family ticket but wasn’t eligible. And paid a huge £75 for the four of us to enter. It is at time like this where I wonder if I could just say my youngest is younger than he actually is!

One in four families in the UK are single parent. Surely the attractions need to have a look at their pricing and offer family deals for theone parent families as well as the two parent?

Already these families are more likely to have less money, and this pricing penalises them even further. Have a read through this from Payplan and see what you think.

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