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Celebrating One Year of My Podcast

I am celebrating a year of presenting my own radio show and podcast and thought what better a way of celebrating than sharing my favourite episodes from the past year.

I started the show with guests every week, mainly because I didn’t think I could talk for an hour by myself. Turns out I can! I do love to have a guest on the show but sometimes its just me chatting about what I have been up to and what I have written about that week. And playing the most amazing music. All of the episode are on the podcast page of my website, and you also download them to listen to later from Mixcloud.

But I have had some great guests, that have made me laugh, made me think and inspired me in my business. I wanted to share my top five interviews. Apologies if you are reading this thinking why did I not make the list…I could only choose five to make my list shorter and punchy!

Maria Nedeva – The Money Principle – Episode 7

the money principle

Maria is a fellow money blogger with an amazing story and personality to match. I always love being at events where Maria is a speaker. She speaks her mind in the most direct yet eloquent way. She suffers no fools gladly and I like her a lot.

Maria was an early guest on my show, and we talked about getting an education, personal finance blogging, retiring to Costa Rica and setting up a charitable foundation. I really enjoyed the conversation.

Scroll down my podcast page until you reach episode 7, you will want to listen to this!

Michael Taggart – Episode 4

I remember laughing all the way through this episode of Mrs Mummypenny Talks. I have known Michael for a few years from the world of personal finance. He interviewed me a while back when my book Blogging Your way to Riches was released and we have kept in touch. We went for a very nice lunch one day and ate the most traditional English food with prosecco. Micheal is a founder of the PR company FOCO and of Mouthy Money a website which I also write for.

Michael has a wicked sense of humour and a fabulous ability to tell a story. We talked about his 110% mortgage from the early 00s and him spending that extra 10% on beer and wine sitting in fishing chairs in his living room.

Listen to Michael’s Episode here, scroll down the page until you reach episode 4. An early one!

Pete Matthew – Episode 15

Pete is an incredibly inspirational person. I interviewed him back in Sept 2018 when he was promoting his book The Meaningful Money Handbook. I’ve known Pete a couple of year from the UK money writing/video/podcast world. He is a financial planner (he helps you plan your wealth for future) in Penzance my home town. When I first heard him interviewed on my friend Damien, money to the Masses podcast I had to reach out to Pete. Turns out he lives a two-minute walk from my sister!

He talks sense, explaining the most complex matters in a simple way. And he’s a genuine, lovely guy. My number one recommendation to anyone with a substantial chunk of money of needs some financial guidance.

He has a wealth of free information on his website, including hundreds of podcasts, blog posts and vlogs explaining anything and everything about the world of money, budgeting, future planning. There is even an interview with me all about making money from an online business.

Listen to me interviewing Pete here on Episode 15.

Kat Byles – Episode 10

I have a special place in my heart for the wonderful Kat. She guided me during 2017 creating my PR strategy. From the heart, not the head or the wallet. From the heart. All done via group guided meditation. It was amazing. Before I knew it, my turnover had doubled, yes doubled and I was following a path that was perfect for me.

Kat lives for some the year in Bath and some of the year in Antigua. One of my goals is to attend her week-long business strategy residential in Antigua. Now that the Vegas holiday is nearly over and paid for, I am saving for this.

The interview was amazing, we get on so well, its an incredibly beautiful chat with Antigua birds tweeting in the background.

Listen to Kats episode here, scroll down the page to reach episode 10

Jasper Martens – Episode 25

Occasionally I get friends to come onto my show from businesses who I work with. Jasper is the man in charge of marketing at PensionBee. My total favourite brand partner of Mrs Mummypenny. And hold of my pension and financial future.

Jasper is fun, tells incredible stories and loves his job. He works for a forward-thinking fast-growing company who have championed me as a financial blogger. We have been working together since 2016 and long will it continue.

Pensions CAN be fun. I am proud to say that I now putting money aside into my pension for my future and feel assured and confident about it.

Listen to his episode here.

Mrs MummyPenny Talks Interviews

Have fun listening to my wonderful guests. If you have a great story to share or a book or product to promote email me on and we ‘ll talk about getting you on the show. Its broadcast live every Tuesday 11am to 12 noon on SG 1 radio and then I flip it into a podcast straight away for immediate playback.


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