Top Tricks to Have a Shiny Hair

Shiny, lustrous hair is every girl’s dream. We’ve put together some effective and easy tips to help you achieve that in the here and now.

Why does hair lose shine and silkiness? First of all, you need to figure out what condition your hair is in at the moment: whether it lacks moisture and nutrition, whether it is overdried with a hairdryer and whether it is damaged by frequent dyeing or discoloration.

If the hair is unhealthy, then cosmetic procedures alone will not work to give it smoothness and shine. So, first of all, remember the main rule: restore health to your hair, and masks, balms, and restorative salon procedures, based on your hair type, should become your main weapons.

A mask for smooth, shiny hair

The most basic, effective way to give your hair a radiant, shiny finish is a nourishing mask that works all over your hair and works hard to smooth out the scales. After a mask, curls become heavy and smooth as in the commercial, but this option is unlikely to please those who have to deal with the difficulties in the process of styling when the curls do not want to stick to the created structure. In that case, a spray or oil may be a better choice.

Shine rules: what can I do to make my hair shine?

To maximize the glossy effect, a few simple rules for their application should be followed.

  • Refrain from using a blow dryer, styler, or hairdryer after a shiny and smooth hair mask to keep the sealed structure of your hair intact.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply a fair amount of shine oil: modern oil-based leave-in products don’t weigh hair down.
  • Spray a high-shine spray at least 20 centimeters away to prevent curls from sticking together and to distribute the spray evenly over the entire length of the hair.
  • Carry a mini pack of your favorite smoothing and shining hair product with you so that you can refresh your look at any important time.

Unruly, brittle frizzy hair can be a signal that your body is lacking vitamins. This is especially true for the cold season. At the same time, one should not ignore proper nutrition. A complete diet will provide the body with trace elements necessary for the health of vital systems and restore shine and smoothness to hair.

Use oils

An indelible treatment, especially oils, is a godsend for dull and unruly hair. They keep your hair in a protective, smoothing and, of course, leaving it shiny. There is even a special category of products called liquid crystals for hair. Their job is to make your hair shine instantly but without weighing it down. The recipe is as simple as anything. After each wash, apply the oil to towel-dried hair, placing it about 5-7 centimeters away from the roots.

Keratin mask for hair shine

Keratin hair mask is an essential product for brittle, dry, porous, frizzy, and tired hair, worn out by frequent lightning coloring and heat styling. It contains the structural protein keratin, akin to the one that makes up the human hair cortex.

What is a quality keratin hair mask capable of?

  • Hair restoration and hydration. Keratin builds up damaged areas of the cortex and cuticle, after which it is easier for the hair to retain moisture.
  • Increased hair elasticity. This is noted by all fans of keratin masks: the hair really stops breaking off in length.
  • Compaction of the hairline. The hairs increase in diameter and become stronger at the tips.
  • Protection. The formula of such masks necessarily includes oils or silicones that cover the hair with a thinnest screen that protects the cuticle and cortex from damage.
  • Shine. Thanks to keratin masks, cuticle scales adhere to each other more tightly and reflect light better.
  • High concentration of active ingredients. The thick consistency of the mask speaks for itself – it is much more effective than sprays and conditioners.

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