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Supporting small business has always been extremely important to me as an individual and to my business Mrs Mummypenny. I choose to spend my money with small businesses, especially those local to me in Hertfordshire. And I choose to work with small businesses with products and services that I love and share them on my social media and website for free.

I am a small business and love the thriving supportive community of fellow small business owners on Instagram or locally in Hertfordshire. But times are tough, particularly for small business owners. I love seeing a financial company, American Express, doing their bit to support small business as well.

Until 13th September 2020 American Express is giving their Cardmembers (I am one of them!) a £5 statement credit when they spend £10 or more in a participating business. Valid once per participating location, up to 10 times. Terms apply. A huge £50 back in my pocket as a customer and lots of money going to small business.

Shopping at small businesses is more important than ever as we return to a new normal after lockdown. I suggest you think about the money you are spending, could you buy that thing you need from a small local business rather than a bigger store? You will be doing your bit to help them to survive a financially very tough time. If we all work together, we can help these businesses to survive.

How do I use my American Express® Card?

I put my monthly spend onto my American Express Card including groceries, petrol, eating out, family expenses, personal fun money etc. Although it’s great to have the flexibility, I generally pay the balance in full each month.

My American Express Card is a British Airways Card meaning I collect Avios points with every £ that I spend on my Card, which I can put towards flights. American Express offers many different Cards, including Cashback & Nectar Points Cards, check out the American Express website to see which one gives you the best rewards.

Credit Cards are hugely beneficial if used in a positive and controlled way. The way I use my Credit Card is the optimal money saving way.

How I have used my American Express Card to maximise my 10 X £5 cashback bonuses

Eating Out

I much prefer eating out in independent pubs and restaurants and have been supporting them since they could re-open in July, even more so in August with the #Eatouttohelpout campaign.

Sea Bass on flat bread. SO good!

We ate in the Golden Fleece in Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk in July on holiday, spending £45 and saved £5 with the #shopsmallUK Offer. We have two pubs in Knebworth which are both participating in Shop Small by American Express in mid July we saved £5 on a £40 spend at The Station, two weeks later we saved £5 on a £50 spend at the Lytton Arms.

Lytton Burger with Parmesan & Truffle coated fries

Shopping with Small Businesses for Fun Pretty Things

At the mentioned holiday in Norfolk I bought some earrings from an incredible jewellery shop ‘Mine’ on Wells-next-the-sea high street. I spent £70 and received £5 cashback. At the end of August, I spent a week in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. I bought a stunning silver Fay Page shell pendant from jewellery store Foredeck on St. Marys high street and saved £5 using my American Express Card.

Shopping Local in My Village Using my American Express

You can check which local small businesses are part of the scheme on the American Express Shop Small map. I have 5 X £5 statement credits still to take advantage of. Before the 13 Sept I will be shopping at Trussells butchers, my favourite place to buy meat. Sugar Boutique, the incredible local cake shop is included in the Offer. I am totally going to order some cupcakes to take to my friend’s house this weekend.

Lucas May, my local florist/gift shop is included in the Offer, as is Raja Tandoori Indian restaurant and my dentist! It feels random that my dentist is part of the Offer, but I have chipped a bit of my front tooth (an old Las Vegas injury, say no more), and need it fixed, I guess now is the time to save £5 on my treatment!

If you are an American Express Cardmember I recommend you check the small businesses local to you who are part of this Offer, you just need to spend £10 at a participating small business to be eligible for the £5 cashback. The £5 goes back onto your statement as a credit soon after the transaction has been verified. Thank you American Express for supporting small business.

This is a collaborative post with American Express. I am an American Express Cardmember, and #amexambassador.


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