Standon Calling Festival – Learning’s from Last Year & My plan for 2018

Standon Calling Festival

The last weekend of July is now known as Standon Calling festival weekend. 2018 is no exception, this year we are in the UK for the whole three days of the festival and we doing it proper family style. We are rocking up around lunchtime on Friday 27th July and will be leaving on Sunday evening. Two nights of camping, me and three boys aged 10,8 and 5. YES I CAN DO THIS.

This is the third year running going to Standon Calling and I feel like quite the expert knowing what to expect where to go and what to do. I am very excited.

Here are my learning from previous years

  1. Don’t take too much camping stuff. Year 1 we took an entire S-Max full of camping gear. Including everything from inflatable sofa to hammock. It was too much a) to carry from the car to family camping and b) too much to carry back on the last day
  2. But do take as much food as possible in a cool box and non fridge food. The kids will eat a lot and will want to buy a lot of food. The festival food despite being lovely is pricey, maximise what you take in with you to drink and eat.
  3. Take wellies. Year two was very rainy on the Saturday so wellies were very much needed. This meant the Sunday was very muddy also. But fingers crossed we wont need the wellies.Standon Calling Festival
  4. The swimming pool is ace and the children 100% love it, but it gets busy. get there for opening time which I believe is 10am.Standon Calling 2017 - Its Festival time!!
  5. Buy an air bag chair thing. We got one from Aldi for £12.99 this week or there are some similar chair available on Amazon. You fill it with air and it provides comfy seating for the afternoon chilling in front of the main stage. It also folds up into a teeny small bag for easy carrying around. There is a lot of sitting and chilling to the music so comfy seating is required.
  6. Plan your music timetable to ensure you get a great spot near the stage. In year one we were so close to the stage for Suede and Brett Anderson was just 50cm away singing to us as climbed into the crowd. It was magical.Standon Calling Festival
  7. Be prepared for your children being tired out and falling asleep whilst waiting for the headline act to come on. Year one we were right by the stage awaiting Jess Glynne, but both boys eyes were drooping. We had to retreat to tent whilst Jess Glynne was singing her heart away.Standon Calling Festival
  8. Wear a fancy dress outfit. On the Saturday everyone is dressed is the theme of the festival, this year is the future. We have seen fairy tales two years ago and under the sea last year. People really do make an effort here with incredible homemade costumes or just plane crazy clothes.
  9. I wrote a good, bad ugly post about Standon after year 1, take a read of my review for more truths!
  10. Do not go near the toilets late at night in the main section of the festival, the family one were always okay, even late on a Saturday night. They were gross and the boys toilets were so much worse. And do take baby wipes;-)

Our plan for 2018 Standon Calling Festival

We are very excited about the music from George Ezra to Paloma Faith to Jarvis Cocker and Gaz from Supergrass. The boys adore George Ezra, I am extremely hopeful that we meet him and interview him. It important to plan out the music for the weekend to ensure we don’t miss anyone we are keen to see.

We are planning on arriving at lunchtime on Friday afternoon to get the camp set up. The boys are very desperate to camp and my husband wont camp. So I will be camping with the boys by myself. This could be a mistake but we are going to give it a try. We live a short 30 minute drive from the festival site so if it all goes wrong hubby can be called to collect the boys.

Standon Calling Festival

There are a few things I have missed out on before that we will definitely do this year

  1. Rockaoke. Karaoke with a band. There is a competition on the Saturday and you are shortlisted to go on the actual main stage on the Sunday. How amazing would that be to end up singing on the main stage Sunday lunchtime. I am going to give it a try. My song choice, possibly Don’t Stop Believing or Wonderwall or Total Eclipse of the Heart. Hmmm, has to be an anthem of some sort.Standon Calling Festival
  2. The well being section. There is an amazing part of the festival dedicated to yoga, mindfulness and hot tubs. I can visit provided hubby stays for some of the time so I can disappear off to have some time to myself.
  3. Explore the sponsored sections giving out freebies. There are many area, normally bars where you can get a free cider or gin so I will be partaking.

Things that I will be doing again

  1. Hit the swimming pool every day at 10am. Such fun. And then relax in the gardens near the pool, a lovely chilled area with lots to watch.
  2. Go-get glitter, I will 100% be having my glitter done, as I am sure Go Get Glitter will be back at Standon calling again.Standon Calling Festival
  3. Planning which of the amazing food stalls to visit, there is a huge choice of very lovely food. I will choose wisely.
  4. Relax. Standon Calling is mega chilled out festival, time slows down. We just need to slow down and enjoy the spectacle of the festival

There are still some tickets available, day and weekend tickets, you can buy them here.

Disclaimer – I have been gifted my tickets for Standon Calling but this does not effect me tellng the truth about the festival.


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